Zhao Liping case highlights the spirit of the rule of justice and justice-k-boxing

Zhao Liping sentencing reveals the new network of equality and justice, the rule of law – Legal commentator Wang Ruiyuan in the morning of November 11, 2016, the concern of the former vice chairman of the CPPCC the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Zhao Liping alleged murder, bribery, illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, illegal explosives storage case verdicts, the court finds that the defendant Zhao Liping guilty of intentional homicide, the crime of bribery, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition crime, the crime of illegal storage of explosives, graft decided to implement the death penalty, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property of two million yuan. The Zhao Liping case because of "murder" and "gun" key once triggered public hot, Liping Zhao as political officials, armed murder and dead, breaking the law bottom line, causing serious harm to society. "We see the former sacked big tiger, all because of corruption and mistresses and other issues, while Zhao Liping is the implementation of intentional homicide is a serious violent crime. Murder is a serious violation of personal rights, property is one of the most bad crime, China’s criminal law 232nd stipulation: intentional homicide and sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years; Zhao Liping gun murder, such acts are related to evidence confirms the constitutive requirements of the crime the. In addition, the court on its bribery, illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, illegal storage of explosives were also identified, with a lot of evidence to restore the facts of the case. The death penalty is the most severe punishment measure, which fully shows that the nature of Zhao Liping’s crime is extremely bad, and the society is very harmful. The court decision based on facts and law criterion, do the crime commensurate punishment when incrimination. Proceedings, the court open verdict, fully protect the defendant’s right to defense and other related rights and interests, the procedure is legitimate, in line with the relevant provisions of China’s criminal procedure law. Therefore, from the first trial, the court’s decision to realize the rule of law and justice from two aspects of entity and procedure, to achieve the unity of legal effect and social effect, is a powerful decision stand the test of history and reality. The court’s decision, also to the public once again passed the strongest signal of the rule of law: everyone is equal before the law, any person, no matter what position, have a kind of power, as long as the breach of the law, will be punished by law. In the context of limiting the death penalty, the court sentenced Zhao Liping to death, reflecting the fight against crime, the determination and efforts to fight corruption, played a severe deterrent effect. The rule of law in China adhere to the law, the law must be strictly enforced, and law breakers must be prosecuted "policy, to comprehensively promote the rule of law in the process, to eliminate any privilege beyond the law, legal equal protection of every citizen, without exception, shall be investigated for legal responsibility of every one of the offenders. Zhao Liping was among the officials, with abundant power resources, but he will meet the desires and power as a breach of privilege, kill tool, and ultimately to the end of his political career first hand to kill provincial officials to set up a new Chinese "title. In front of a large number of facts of the crime, Zhao Liping guilty, must accept the judgment of the law. Court。相关的主题文章: