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Zhang Jike: now we must pay more attention to the details not as much as the sina sports news Beijing on September 16th news, the Olympic champion Zhang Jike after attending an activity for the China open to Chengdu in the early hours of yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jike devoted to training before the game, coach Xiao Zhan said Zhang Jike qiuzhanyuwang very strong, he hoped that with the best performance to return to love his fans. The new national male god Zhang Jike recently very busy, running in the major variety shows and activities at the scene. As the sport popular idol athletes, sought after by fans. Yesterday morning, Zhang Jike attended an event in Fan Bingbing and other celebrities, immediately from the capital airport to fly to Chengdu. Due to flight delays, Zhang Jike arrived at Chengdu airport at 3 a.m. yesterday, although it was late at night, but hundreds of loyal powder still waiting at the airport to greet him. Zhang Jike revealed in an interview recently waist injury control was due to participate in the activities of lack, feeling more tired, because in the past few such aircraft even experience, some does not adapt. Suddenly turned into a network of red, Zhang Jike admitted that he should pay more attention to detail, a lot of things can not be so with the previous. After the Olympic Games in London, Zhang Jike is also frequent to participate in activities, due to lack of experience can not arrange a good training plan, this time, said Zhang Jike feel better. At noon yesterday, Zhang Jike non-stop to Sichuan province table tennis team training. Head coach Zhang Jike was pleased with the war Xiao changes, Zhang Jike respect, although less amount of training but are devoted, he is now on the open China SEG international attention, there are so many fans to support him, certainly is a kind of power, the power to promote his progress, he needs to use better results to return all of his support. 2016 ITTF Chinese open will be opened for the race today. Zhang Jike will compete in the second round of men’s singles and men’s doubles. (Xiao Qiu)相关的主题文章: