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Zhang Jiayi "Pan Jinlian" debut Premiere – Fan Bingbing – Gold word game entertainment Sohu Zhang Jiayi debut "I am not Pan Jinlian" Sohu premiere entertainment news last night, "the twenty anniversary of Feng Xiaogang’s comedy film" and "I am not Pan Jinlian" world premiere in Beijing Olympic Sports Center held a grand. Star studded scene, not only the director Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Jiayi and many other creative staff to the scene, and special guest Huang Bo and Guo Degang for the film to help out. Zhang Jiayi is the friend for many years Pingdao such as a mayor Ma Wenbin in the film, with the old cadres aura, saying a lot. Zhang Jiayi led " gas field full of black and gray as the opening show elite wind uncle era, Zhang Jiayi’s red carpet appearance to meet the one controlled TERT powder, black coat show elite breath, Zhang Jiayi played the mayor Ma Wenbin, the movie sentence talk, offering a lot of demolish with penetrating criticism of the classic lines. As a cadre of specialist Zhang Jiayi appeared in many official leadership image, everywhere with the leadership aura, handle the mayor’s role is at ease. Zhang Jiayi for the first time, the old friends exchange tacit hand admitted that very happy, as many years of Feng Feng’s friend, to meet with many years of cooperation, but has missed the opportunity to work for many years, the first time in the past years, the first time in the past years, the first time, Feng Xiaogang. The success of the 20 day of the success of the comedy comedy guide, for the purpose of the two friends is more significant. For the first time in Feng’s comedy, Zhang Jiayi said: "I respect the Pingdao is especially big brother, is a very thoughtful director, the work site he will be very careful about the drama, including details of the characters, will let me quickly grasp the role of cooperation is very happy with him." "I am not Pan Jinlian" is a will let the audience laugh in a sad movie, for many years "and Li Xuelian’s game play the horses mayor", what is the twists and turns of the story, Zhang Jiayi and Feng will impact what kind of spark, November 18th fans go to take a look!   相关的主题文章: