Zhang Hanyun sun shine from black friends how many days did not wash the neck (video)-freyja

Zhang Hanyun sun shine from black friends: how many days did not wash the neck of the micro-blog Zhang Hanyun entertainment news screenshot August 25, 2016, in the sun drying out a photo of micro-blog and. Photo, the two heads of the play in the hair, wearing a T-shirt, vest, facing the camera than the heart, sweet smile, to see the two very good. It is worth mentioning that, Zhang Hanyun’s face and neck is obviously two color number, for chromatic aberration, she also said in the text: "see who is really white? Neck black, is really black. My heart is all over the sun." Subsequently, Cheng Yuanyuan forwarded behind flowers "we are not black flowers, it is the problem of filter!" In the summer, everyone will face the problem of being tanned, obvious color is more embarrassing. Zhang Hanyun the sun color "black", it attracted the majority of users praise the onlookers said, "the flowers out of our mind, it is through the sun." "Flowers, filming hard, pay attention to the sun". Some netizens ridicule: "joined the camp against a makeup artist", "black health", "how many days did not wash the neck" super girl Zhang Hanyun return to the youth is still singing dream energy song相关的主题文章: