Youth memory in the Great Northern Wilderness a Liangzi catch fish can make thousands of pounds of f

Youth memory: in the Great Northern Wilderness a Liangzi catch fish can make thousands of pounds of fish when the fish: one night the many three people, two people to pull up the only full pocket fish. There are a series of fish with wicker sub store position next, with tens of thousands of pounds of fish! Because in the river, the fish are alive. One night, make good, is thousands of pounds of fish! Data figure: This paper from the fish Liangzi Maple network, author: anonymous, the original title: the Great Northern Wilderness youth: take one night Jack Liangzi catch fish with Liangzi fishing is one of the oldest fishing methods are documented in Book of Songs: "I do not pass" beam "Bei Feng Valley" ·. What is the issue? Simply put, is to use wood and bamboo foil (later iron foil) built wooden structures have a gap in the river, the river flow can make fish are not too. How to build the Liangzi, looked very complex, the Great Northern Wilderness to the old fisherman, regardless of how wide the deep river, built more like. Nothing more than the thickness of the material used, the construction time is different. I try to describe, if you cannot read, don’t blame me, then buy a train ticket to the Great Northern Wilderness to visit the site visits, and enjoy the Wandashan and Sanjiang plain natural scenery. Build Liangzi, first to "defend the pile", on the river every five or six meters to a post. The river is wide, the post is more coarse, row was also more dense. Usually post oak, strong, not afraid of blisters. The little oak lumber, thick straight so the selection can do pile, oak became one of our export class task beam in winter. To find a large pile of material, called "step pile", and "check" mean. But he was panting in the knee deep snow, a step in the deep mountains and forests is not how fun drill. We built the Liangzi, because we do not know whether to participate in youth, or piece of special care, but will not collapse Liangzi, until I return to 12 or even 02 years, it. However, 09 years of shortage of friends sent photos, finally broke the liangzi. I do not know what time to pour out, looked at the root of a big pile of a reel right and left, can not tell the taste. A large pile of back, had to go to the river, "" the call "to defend the pile". Defend the pile, a pile to defend a high shelf, a pulley and rope, several hundred pounds of hammer hanging to the top of rack with a hammer drill rod through the center hole, insert the pile head by drilling drilled hole, so as to guarantee a hammer hammer at the pile head. A pile head is flat, the other end, with the axe and adze into sharp shape, appearance and cut sharp pencil tip slip slip. This shelf is to be put on the ship, at least two together with a load of four or five thousand pounds. The two boats on the river, just like the aircraft carrier. Well, you can start. The top shelf sat one rotary drill rod, he is also responsible for the call number. This is a very good job, superior, the wind is cool, do not pull the heavy hammer. Unfortunately, I’ve never done it before. Do not want to do, but can’t do it, I have acrophobia, less than half the shelf climb high, legs forward. Let alone at the top, with a hammer smashing down shelf, rocking back and forth, Akira Akira three two, then fell down, it is not "defend the pile", a hammer "meat pie"! I can only go to the rope.相关的主题文章: