You are still making the Olympic expression package Twitter users by the title because of the Olympi demonophobia

You are still making the Olympic expression package? The Twitter user is the title Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 25th morning news because the Olympic GIF map, there is a Twitter user for publishing unauthorized games GIF dynamic picture lead account closure. You may have heard that International Olympic Committee banned media organizations in their social media use of the unauthorized Rio Olympic video produced GIF dynamic map. But now, after all, in 2016, and Twitter has long been popular around the world, so it is difficult to stop everyone trying this behavior. One of the most popular clips in the social media shows Katie Ledecky (Katie) in the women’s 800 meter freestyle final match the scene of the opponent. Although International Olympic Committee requires publishers to withdraw the video, but the release of the map is still active account. At the same time, Jim (JimWeber) on LinkedIn said that after the release of 3 Olympic GIF dynamic pictures, his Twitter account was permanently closed. After a few minutes automatically sent a number of information, @JimMWeber’s Twitter account will soon be closed. Webb said that although he believes that Twitter may prohibit the release of the Olympic GIF pictures, but did not expect the account will be blocked. Twitter said that for privacy and security reasons, the company will not comment on specific accounts. Although it is difficult to determine why some illegal account was closed, and some still can continue to use, but it can be seen on the strict control of International Olympic Committee public opinion. (Book Yu)相关的主题文章: