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X7 hanteng is what? A local car companies were Sohu recently Chinese secret car brands such as the new general out shows bamboo shoots after a spring rain, vigor, which seems to show a national strategy from China manufacturing to the turning point Chinese creation, Chinese car not only Chery, BYD, Geely, there are a lot of backbone and emerging brands. When it comes to emerging brands, we will always think of the blind and immature, such as those years of AUX, bicyclic, etc.. But now the new brand and that cannot be mention in the same breath, not only today China is the world’s factory, there are more resources available, but also technically have more experience, and also can have more enterprises form joint ventures, cooperation and innovation, Han Teng is such enterprise. Although hanteng car was established in November 2013, only a short period of 3 years, is a private enterprise in Jiangxi, but it is the full integration of the existing China automobile brand models and technology platform, in collaboration with Bari, Tsinghua University and other research institutions, the introduction of foreign advanced laboratory, the world advanced spare parts suppliers, make full use of the domestic independent brand cars experience, overtaking, in a very short period of time, to create a good car is not surprising. Today we are going to drive the X7 hanteng appearance is a German car temperament, have some original ideas, and not too many elements of copycat. The design is full of men’s sense of power, the front grille three layer banners, show the front face of the heavy feeling, automatic headlights with a halogen light source, in addition equipped with lens, but also with the LED daytime driving lights outline the contours of the lamp is very eye-catching. The fog and the blade like chrome combination has played a. The lower part of a front face of the vehicle four radar probe, it is very convenient for parking. Dragonrise X7 model size length and breadth were 4671mm 1902mm 1697mm, although only a compact SUV level, but its wheelbase has reached a staggering 2810mm, and medium SUV, which would make it the car ride space optimization. In the side of the car, we can see that X7 hanteng introduces keyless entry and panoramic imaging system, the use of Taiwan built a large tire brand KLEVER H T KR50 series, model 23560 R18 tires, 18 inch wheels, equipped with a roof rack. The tail of the LED lamp with the night is very eye-catching, dual chrome exhaust is very imposing, the tail is also equipped with four radars, as well as reversing image. Dragonrise X7 console, the use of a large area of soft leather wrapped, texture and workmanship are excellent, console stereo layering, and also introduces the red car with the atmosphere light, steady and imitation mahogany piano paint but not old. Leather steering wheel handle is also very good, with multimedia control, cruise control and Bluetooth function keys, but also can voice control menu, speech recognition rate is better. Instrument panel is more common, many functions of the computer, the actual parking radar, multimedia and other information, but.相关的主题文章: