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U.S. health care reform in the end where the card is a global problem in the medical and health system reform. Americans have been debating this topic for about 30 years. Every election, especially the reform of medical health insurance reform is the focus of the debate. According to the April 2016 Kaiser health policy poll data, the voters want to discuss the topic of presidential candidates, health insurance reform ranked fourth, its importance and influence is evident. In recent years, the United States has tried to put forward a plan to reform the health insurance, but most of them declared bankruptcy, only Obama health care reform bill exception. In March 2010 Congress passed the house of Representatives has milepost meaning "patient protection and Affordable Care Act", to realize "government takeover of health" and "health care", and the number of participating United States increased by about 10000000 in 6 years. However, the growth rate of government expenditure on health care has not slowed, the policy itself is also a lack of consistency, all walks of life on health care reform bill’s question and oppose a wave after wave. So, what exactly is the U.S. health care reform card? Despite fierce opposition from the stakeholders of medical profession in the United States most people now have a change of attitude, expressed support for a state intervention or government health plans, hospitals and doctors but still strongly opposed to the government to implement any form of medical price controls, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of medical service. In fact, opponents are not limited to the group of professional doctors, the most intense attack from the two major stakeholders in the reform of medical insurance: first, large insurance companies, the small business owners are two. Insurance companies worry that once the introduction of universal health care, the federal government will strictly control the rising cost of insurance, insurance companies will also require more medical expenses for patients. Small business owners are not willing to tax or other forms of coercion for employees to bear the cost of health insurance, which will increase the cost of production, they are more willing to Medicare is a selective benefit. Large insurance companies and small business owners in politics is the spokesman of the right-wing Republicans, who insisted that the free market is the only way to solve the medical problems, so the state with any legislative or administrative means to intervene in the medical market will fail. Although moderate Republicans in favor of some way of health care reform and medical insurance should be extended to everyone, but its political philosophy is still to make them too much government intervention concerns. In the current presidential election, nearly half of the Republican voters want to repeal Obama health care reform bill, although the bill and a substantial number of them do not have substantial benefits. With employers to increase premiums, the democratic camp of the big industry unions also expressed dissatisfaction with health care reform. Partisanship is ultimately political action. As of May 2016, the Republican Party has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Supreme Court, demanding the repeal of Obama health care reform bill, which is advocated by the central government against the government to take over the health of the medical system and against the 60. Although the Supreme Court’s ruling in general to defend the integrity of health care reform bill, but some of the contents of the bill has changed, a huge blow to reform. If the Supreme Court decision in 2015 to allow each state to choose whether to provide medical assistance to low-income people, which means that the opposition to Obama health care reform.相关的主题文章: