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What is the "car" geely vision SUV drive what kind of car is the car? This is a question that has been answered. The most expensive price? The fastest? The highest rate of return? The test drive a lot of different levels, different prices, different models have some personal opinions. True to the evaluation of a car is not good, the most important thing is not to see these factors, but to see whether the vehicle is in line with the market positioning, target population Car Buying budget, car habits, to meet the various aspects of the practical needs, this is a good car, suitable for car. I just finished the drive with recent geely vision SUV, the new car is currently 80 thousand and 900 -10.39 million sale price, positioning in the compact SUV, 1.8L, 1.3T two power unit is optional. Geely will be positioned in the pursuit of new practical technology, comfortable travel 100 thousand family car. In this position, through the investigation on the user’s list of specific aspects of the following: large space, comfortable ride is not tired, low running noise, stable and accurate steering, steering speed roll small, fast turning whipping and brake reaction time. In response to these needs, Geely will before the GX7 upgrade build, and re named SUV and the new vision, what can not be called "car", let us analyze the analysis from several aspects of the main demands. No matter how rich or not, the first look at the value of the car to see the value, who knows this truth. The vision of SUV design language family from Geely, face to the interior details reveal a sense of "lucky". Water ripple shaped grille shape, with new headlights, front and bullyear have similar strong sense. The Bauhinia Star LED fancy hub and Beidou daytime driving lights be bright. Vehicle to see a strong sense of stability. On the design of the hood, sunken type U, full of dynamic, it is the most love. Although the vehicle looks good or not is very subjective, but for potential customers, if not the design points you can at least do not deduct. Body length width and height of 4500mm, 1834mm, 1707mm, wheelbase 2661mm. The interior space is spacious and comfortable, and the rear floor is flat without uplift. Interior materials used more soft materials, while adding two color with interior, making the overall texture stronger. 28 storage space inside the car to fully meet the home positioning. To take consumers to the comfort, vision by SUV Johnson brand seats, according to ergonomic seat, internal foaming fillers with double density design, both comfort and support. Cushion and backrest slightly soft to improve comfort, slightly harder to improve the flanks of the support. Rear backrest using 115° tilt angle design, the actual rear seat ride is better than the same level competing models. Another aspect of comfort is the chassis and suspension. The adjustment and optimization of the front Mcpherson and rear multi link independent suspension chassis system. Six vertical and four horizontal structure of the body bottom, to better absorb the road shocks, especially in place of very fine vibration absorption, high speed cornering can also get stable support..相关的主题文章: