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WeChat open beta program, do these 4 things to seize the opportunities of technology – Sohu 2 hours ago, WeChat public platform announcement, WeChat announced a small program officially open beta. This small program will allow developers to submit to the beta product WeChat platform does not support the public audit, but also temporarily released, that is the ordinary consumers to experience a small program, but also need to wait for some time. What people can participate in the beta program? WeChat app beta temporarily open only to the enterprise, government, media and other organizations, individual WeChat public, temporarily unable to participate in the beta program. The open beta includes: also note, the stage of each agency account only allowed to register up to 50 small programs, each program a year to pay 300 dollars, all small procedures account are required to bind an electronic mailbox, a mobile phone number can only bind 5 small programs. How to register a small program beta? Registration: registration of small programs in the WeChat public platform to complete the registration can be synchronized to improve and develop information. Small program information: fill in the basic information of small programs, including the name, head, introduction and scope of services. Development of small programs: the completion of the small program developers to bind, the development of information configuration, developers can download the developer tools, reference development documentation for the development and debugging of small programs. Submit the audit and issue: complete program development, code submitted to WeChat team audit, through the audit can be released (during the beta does not support the release). Please note that before the development of these behavior intolerable to make electricity, news, customer service…… WeChat small program so many startups in the public number, service number, there are more than a user contact with the channel. But WeChat is the bottom line, these things are best not to appear in the operation of small programs. Overcommercialized "WeChat small program platform operating norms" emphasizes the small program needs to meet the values of all users to its value, to make a play value, good product out and go, and let the commercial presence in the invisible. In line with the user’s reasonable needs and interests of the premise, through the functions and services provided by WeChat small programs, for the vast number of WeChat users with continuous value and high quality services. Therefore, the essence of small programs should be to provide services products, it is the WeChat public number, service number supplement. So by selling advertising in a small way to make money, obviously does not meet the value orientation of small programs. Small program groups push each other, share a lot of WeChat is pushing by the public, an important method to increase the number of fans, although this promotion has existed for a long time, but it does not mean that it conforms to the WeChat platform rules, WeChat has also been punished for illegal part of public number push each other. (photo: publish your articles) then the promotion of small programs can hold together? Of course not, WeChat has clearly defined:.相关的主题文章: