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"We love Qi Dao" play "ungrateful" on acting – Qi Dao Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news directed by Liu Jiang, Zhang Jingchu, Yuan Hong, Qi Dao and other actors starring the city emotional drama "we love" in Hunan satellite tv. The play will be broadcast after the audience ratings, with the development of the story, actor Qi Dao in the film played a little corner of the song is also the majority of Internet users continue to comment. Starred in "Kekexili", "night" and "touxi" films such as Qi Dao has been a literary temperament show, art film "starring him shortly before the donor" is Busan gains award. And the "literary male god" Qi Dao in the play as Jane put aside because of marriage derailed his students, and finally the marriage of Zhang Jingchu to the end. It also makes netizens controversy, said Qi Dao played a villain, Fuxin Han hundred-percent. In the face of such an evaluation, Qi Dao also said: when I received the character Jane put it when I thought the audience might call the role of slag. But as an actor, all I have to do is give the character a live performance. The audience feel that this person is a man can get angry ah, may also prove my character is in place. In fact, Jane is also a very depressed bear a lot of pressure on a person, with the development of the story that the audience can understand him."相关的主题文章: