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Want to hit Baby Tang Yan Liu Yifei bag? Back it have to pay lead: when the blowing wind burst cool when summer is gradually away from us. Early autumn season, let us have a new look on seasonal dress. Compared with summer, autumn is warm, thick, regardless of color or material, so the overall shape of the lighting accessories again occupied the bright highlands. First, let’s take a look at the street fighter stars who love what to pack out of the street? Angelababy Liu Yifei Tang Yan more than three quite popular in the fashion circle of small artistes holding handbags have your attention? It is the classic Diana package — Lady Dior, small and exquisite, elegant and lovely. Collocation Baby of a bright red dress and some sweet; collocation fairy sister Liu Yifei a white shape and extraordinarily handsome; finally a red twill suit and Tang Yan in hand, it is so overbearing! Lady Dior classic black lambskin bag is actually more than three of them, there are many fashion popular female stars are also interested in Lady Dior. Zhang Ziyi Wang Luodan Linda Lady Dior since its birth is a legendary handbag. From its bold design, a recognizable elegant appearance, to the letter "Dior" style exquisite ornaments, the one and only show style. Mr. Napoleon III in the armchair Dior style inspired, chair and rich sense of geometric rules Tengge lines to create Dior’s most iconic designs, Lady and Dior which. In this building elegant sense of handbags accessories and metal lines, the letter "cannage" pattern with invisible stitching at the time, talent shows itself in fashion, Dior brand to become the classic. Napoleon III Tengge lines armchair speaking Lady Dior handbags, had brought an elegant woman — Princess Diane. September 1995, Dior Dior launched the first Lady Dior handbags. Diana attended The Grand Palace in Paris held a "Cezanne Exhibition", the then French President Mrs. Byrd Nadai – Mrs. Chirac will be a new Dior handbag to Princess Diane, this is the Lady Dior handbag. Diana and Lady Dior after Lady Dior handbags are endowed with noble and elegant image of women. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diane, with her consent, the handbag was officially named Lady Dior. With Lady Dior and Lady Dior in addition to Princess Diana Diana, closely with the Lady Dior relation and a goddess, she is the best actress Oscar, French Rose Marion Claudia, from the beginning of 2008, she had served as a spokesperson for Dior Lady, took a large is too many to count. Marion Lady Dior 2013.相关的主题文章: