VR and AR market leader Apple has no chance to become boss x3210

VR and AR market has not yet led Apple has the opportunity to become the boss of Tencent digital hearing (Yi Jing) apple CEO hinted that the company is evaluating the possibility of entering the VR and AR market. Today we will explain what is VR and AR technology, apple is ready to intervene, how to apply the technology in the user’s daily life. For decades, video games and education have relied on computers to simulate the real world. The engineer uses the physical engine to visualize the product and use it to test the product. The annual output value of the two industries has reached billions of dollars. Similar technology is also used in the game market, the film industry has also made a lot of money with the same technology. VR can provide users with a more immersive experience, it will be the user into the video and audio environment. Before the technology will be placed in front of a screen in front of the user, the display of conventional visual images, VR is different, the user can look around the scene in VR, can interact with the environment. Recently, apple CEO Cook said in an interview, VR technology will become the foundation for the future of the company. Although VR and AR are very similar, but there are still a lot of difference between the two. The core technology of VR and AR is similar, but different in use. VR over the past thirty years, we have used the term "VR" to describe the techniques of simulation and correction of the real world. At first, VR technology was used in the entertainment industry, such as amusement parks, and later the army used VR to complete the simulated flight training program. In the early use of VR technology, the experts used a traditional display, but also equipped with a series of hydraulic, mechanical touch technology to provide users with environmental feedback. The most famous VR experience site was opened in 1990 BattleTech Center, is now completely closed. Military simulation technology often lags behind civilian technology. Nevertheless, in 90s, the military flight simulator has been able to allow flight interns to reverse the simulator, but also allows the aircraft to reverse flight. Then there was VR helmet, the original helmet is simply a huge monster, made of plastic, installed in the user’s use of chip, tie head, helmet and connected to the computer with the line, all the audio and video signals to the wearer. AR since the emergence of VR, with the passage of time, the specific requirements of immersive hardware increasingly clear. It is easier to manipulate and generate information on the existing environment. AR can be used to guide the user through a street, or when the user through the town to highlight the surrounding businesses. Abandoned by Google Glass project is a AR project, it can be superimposed on the user’s eye layer of information. There are several Google glasses imitation products have emerged, but did not reach a commercial requirements. Google Cardboard is just a simple framework, insert smart phones can be converted into simple VR and AR systems. Around the world, Cardboard has been used in schools where students can conduct virtual field trips through helmets. Microsoft HoloLens is a fully functional AR system, which is connected to the Windows system. Popular game Pokemon Go also recognized!相关的主题文章: