Volunteer recruitment of Anti Japanese veterans oral history data rescue-oboni

"Anti Japanese veterans oral history organize rescue volunteer recruitment notice of National Social Science Fund Project" Anti Japanese veterans oral history organize rescue volunteer recruitment notice and war veterans oral history interviews contest notice the CPC Central Committee in July 30, 2015 organized the "Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War review and thinking about the collective learning will be emphasized," the Anti Japanese War to study deeply, have more files and data, through the facts of the party, all the testimony of witnesses and evidence to speak. To strengthen the collection and collation of information on the basis of comprehensive work, finishing around China war files, photos, information, etc. at the same time to real, for the global collection of books and newspapers, photographs, diaries and letters and objects. To live data collection work war witness in the mind, speed up the organization to carry out on-the-spot investigation and visit, try to grasp the first hand materials." Anti Japanese veterans living mostly in the 90 years of age or older, about the total number of only 50 thousand people, rescue war veterans oral history is not for me, very urgent, urgent need, departments, professional staff and the majority of the volunteers division, the unit more extensively, and promote. In order to promote the teachers and students in universities, private volunteers and all interested in rescuing veterans oral history to join the Anti Japanese veterans oral data collection rescue, Nanjing Normal University national social science major tender subject of "Anti Japanese veterans oral history" research group to organize rescue efforts, season I society, CO sponsored by the Nanjing Civil War Museum. And invited the media Tencent Phoenix history, history, military, military, a NetEase of the information center of military history jointly sponsored war veterans oral history interviews contest. Competition for six months for a period of. The first contest of manuscript collection time from November 17, 2016 to May 20, 2017, in the essay you will interview veterans finishing the essay oral information sent to the specified mailbox and send a copy to the Ji Wonu Society: 543337506@qq, e-mail: 2601357629@qq. The essay after the group and I try to learn the social season inviting experts, the expert review committee to review, select 123 prize and a number of outstanding awards, awarded a certificate and give some cash rewards. Participants were divided into groups and individuals, outstanding team award two, 5000 yuan in cash awards, outstanding instructor award two, bonus 1000 yuan, particularly welcome the young teachers in Colleges and universities, students will team up. The first prize of a person, 3000 yuan in cash reward, such as the top prize of $two, a cash prize of $2000, the three prize, the cash award of $1000, the outstanding award of ten, cash reward of $500 three. Where the qualified interview group requirements essay topic, all income "Anti Japanese veterans oral data set", interview as research group, and enjoy the right of authorship. The research group selected for writing, issued stamped letter. As a group of qualified for a certain number of organizations will become the subject group in charge of the project, the research group issued stamped "major project of the national social science fund project responsible person" that letter, letter on the list of all members in the group.相关的主题文章: