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Shanghai Media: Orangemen trapped back five high means need to come up with more aggressive team Gao Hongbo Yu Jiong 12 race has a long way to go first, and Iran’s highest ranking Asian home court 0:0 draw, such results seem just passable, but Gao Hongbo and his team is wrong after get three chance. The midfield behind the chaos, wing’s open, fully rely on the body play and lost the original technical ability. Do not know how to analyze the opponent’s foot, there is no foresight to see such a Iran team is not terrible, you can give the country a chance to win first. But coach Gao Hongbo to stabilize the main idea or imprisoned in the body of the body for the victory of desire. As South Korea game, China is still the five foot guard defensive formation, the only change is to remove Zheng Zhi, Zhang Lin adduction at right halfback, former fullback position to the first game bench performance good Zhao Mingjian. In the first half, China is the field after the ball directly pass the game starting young center Zhang Yuning, extremely low efficiency. Iran is also a small talk, boring 45 minutes. After the second half Zhang Xizhe for Huang Bowen, the Orangemen managed to strengthen the attack, fullback also dare to pressure, similar to the 352 formation, in the effective transmission midfielder also began to increase, there is a threat of attack. Unfortunately, when the Chinese team finally feel that they have the opportunity to win, leaving them no time. Wu Lei, once again become a hot figure. After seventy-first minutes, Zhang Xizhe pass into a restricted area dummied goalkeeper and defender, but the ball did not pull the body, missed the shot opportunities. Then, he was kicked Iran defender in the penalty area, but the referee did not express any. The state has missed only a few scoring opportunities, can only get a point to comfort themselves. Wu Lei said, on the 19 year-old Zhang Yuning. Indeed, can play in the Eredivisie against his body, protecting the ball and heading ability are good, but the speed is not greatly restricted him on the pitch as. A lack of at least sprint speed forward, to achieve the achievements will not be too high. When the dominant offensive speed type, the sun can be replaced Zhang Yuning, Gao Hongbo continued to search for the visible’s best combination. "Too cautious" should be one of the biggest features of the first two of the country’s top 12. So the question comes, the next game in October 6th will be home to play a relatively weak strength of the Syria team, Gao Hongbo will adhere to the five guard system? Or will have a more attacking formation, to win the game must win the next game?相关的主题文章: