Venice day34 what happened from the Shufeng wedding 600

Venice day3: 4 [Abstract] what is happening in the city "and" Philharmonic "come" of the two works from Hollywood to Venice Bo a grand wedding from Shufeng after 600 kilometers from Europe began to directors took the baton. The two day debut of the competition films are remarkable. Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (style easy) between Italy Venice to Czech Prague, straight-line distance of about 600 kilometers, located in the eastern time zone. Today, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung’s marriage news just released, Beijing is already in the afternoon, a genius has just begun in Venice. With the continuous refresh circle of friends, Venice group reported two buddy also departed Prague. Such a moment, there really is a point of the horizon at this time, the strange feeling. However, we still have to return to the city of Venice, about two days to talk about this movie, noteworthy film event. Overall, in the city "and" Philharmonic "come" the two from Hollywood to Venice Bo works a good start after European directors began to took the baton. The two day race film debut are commendable, more low-key works to bring you a surprise. "Good quality" nocturnal animal photo studio debut yesterday morning "nocturnal animal" continuation of the current short American film ("ocean of light" is an exception), are Mr. Tom · Ford second director of works make us truly recognized his director, and he will no longer be a "wanpiao" fashion. Tom · Ford, head of the former Gucci and YSL, now to take care of their own brand, produced so that women around the world willing to empty the pockets of lipstick, the fashion darling directed his directorial debut "a single man in 7 years ago.". "I’m sorry, second works let us wait for 7 years." In his press conference after the premiere of the film on his opening remarks and sincere with some arrogant ingredients. Have to admit, after two screenings have been a piece of media praise, he did have some pride in the capital. At present, 10 media played an average of 80 points, which are out of the "Hollywood reporter" for the film’s three exquisite story praised. Which three layers of Venice? 1, the film tells the story of a gallery hostess seems to have the perfect life (Amy · Adams), one day she received the sensitive ex husband (Jack · Gyllenhaal) to send her to the manuscript. 2, the male protagonist in a journey, and his wife and children eventually become a nightmare. 3, looking at the novel’s heroine, recalled his and her ex husband’s past, began to re-examine their own lives now…… Jack · Gyllenhaal three clues alternately, clip on to grasp the rhythm of precision, and collocation such as gorgeous screen fashion blockbusters like well-designed and mutual metaphorical structure of the story, "" nocturnal animal show Tom · the unique advantages of Ford in the movie art director: in a top fashion taste. Compared to the "devil" in neon and shoot and shoot to eat people & Nicholas.相关的主题文章: