These four kinds of milk do not give children to drink, not only a waste of money but also nutrition winavi video converter

These four kinds of milk do not give children to drink, not only a waste of money before the Sohu to the maternal and child nutrition – Gao Gainai supermarket to buy milk, high calcium milk always seems to steal the spotlight, many people will choose to pick to select high calcium milk. The reason is very simple, the purpose of drinking milk is to supplement nutrition, milk is rich in protein and calcium, so the main thing is to add these things. While the ordinary milk and high calcium milk, we will think the gap in the calcium content, it is because we will choose the high calcium milk, but high calcium milk really more calcium? High calcium milk of calcium are artificially added, indeed than ordinary high calcium milk. However, due to the addition of most of the high calcium milk are calcium carbonate, low absorption of human body, calcium effect and common effect of the difference is not large, is more of a gimmick to attract customers to businesses. Children’s milk milk has been exposed many times before, its product type is the modulation of milk. Because of good taste, even if the price is expensive, but also very popular with children. In recent years, the market of children’s milk by the unique formula, brain and other ad effect, become parents eager to buy the "pet". But recently, the media reported that children’s milk additives up to more than 10 species, will increase the burden of kidney and liver in children. Especially in children below 3 years old the best drink. The sweet taste is also easy to cause the child to have a sweet tooth, even picky, is not conducive to the physical development and health of teeth. Note that the common modulation milk and milk, red dates walnut milk, the milk content really rarely, mostly flavor blending, careful selection of best buy. Milk beverage of lactobacillus beverage refers to milk or dairy products as raw materials, by adding water lactic acid fermentation in the emulsion, and sugar and (or) one or several modulation sweeteners, sour agent, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and other plant extracts and drinks. According to whether or not it has been treated by sterilization, it can be divided into two types: bactericidal (non viable) and non bactericidal (viable) type. Common have "lactic acid bacteria beverage" and so on, looks like milk, in fact, and milk and nothing to do with. This kind of drink is mainly water, then add a small amount of dairy products, additives, etc., made of very low nutritional value. Reconstituted milk reconstituted milk called "reduced milk" or "milk reduction" refers to the milk concentration and drying into concentrated milk or milk powder, add appropriate amount of water, made with raw milk solids in the water, a considerable proportion of emulsion. Tongsudejiang, is used to restore the milk into milk powder blending. There are two kinds of processing methods: one is in the fresh milk mixed with varying proportions of milk powder; the other is a milk powder as raw material to produce beverages. The mall can be seen in the "reconstituted milk" label, including a brand of hot. What is recovery milk? In fact, is the reduction of liquid milk with milk powder, as experienced two ultra high temperature treatment, nutrition has far worse than pure fresh milk, its nutritional value is not even think of ice cream and ice cream. A children’s Book Museum Scarecrow = = = = = = = = a children’s book published "Museum of world children’s literature masterpiece", "Ozzy’s picture gallery" adventures in Wonderland as hundreds of books (both in shop to buy). .相关的主题文章: