The world’s top ten food tourism in the first place to get a ticket of 1 billion 300

The world’s ten largest delicacy tourism first received 1 billion 300 million votes lead: if beauty is a city appearance, delicacy certainly is the soul of a city. The world’s ten largest country delicacy from the list, see you soon chowhound had several! (source: OnlyLady  Author: Ziyun) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! The world’s ten largest country delicacy from the list, see you soon chowhound had several! Some people in Thailand to cleanse Bangkok Chiang Mai temple in the heart of magnificence, people love to enjoy pleasure and the blue sky ride the wind and waves in Phuket, Samui, and J. J. J. pleasant but! Attract buddy come again and again is not only the beauty of Thailand, there is a delicacy in Thailand. Thai Tom Yum Goong Thai curry Sauteed Crab every kind of the street food as well as travelers not to be missed, such as banana pancakes, coconut ice cream, mango Glutinous rice and so on, just say the name will let people drool with envy. Green Papaya Salad with glutinous rice, Thailand is also rich in a variety of tropical fruits, and even some fruits are Chinese tourists have never seen, and the price is very cheap, so you eat enough. Italy in Italy, many people will think of the romantic city of Venice, the fashion capital of Milan, or holy city of Rome, and Italy, and, not only the beauty of the world crown, also known as delicacy. Rome cheese (Spaghetti alla Carbonara) Bacon Bologna (Tagliatelle al Ragu) spaghetti lasagne (Lasagne) is the most love Garfield Florence steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina) Rome Baked Lamp Chop (Abbacchioalla Scottadito) for their coffee, like tea for Chinese, is infiltrated into the bones of the culture. Italy food is broad and profound, ten days and ten nights is not afraid to say. If the buddy had arrived in Italy, as the weight loss behind him, happy to eat a street! Spanish foreigners have a saying: "live in France, in the United States, eat in spain." The Spaniard will eat, eat amazing, it is a paradise for gourmets. Seafood is the most consistent with the Chinese food in europe. Indeed, whether it is Tapas or traditional snacks, sumptuous seafood assorted cold dishes, as well as the most famous Paella, inviting all people. Tapas Spanish ham in Spain, many people even one night in several places to eat, a few snacks, a few glasses of wine, happy to chat, life seems to be that it ought to be…… Vietnam beauty, delicacy composed of Vietnam, was recommended as the preferred QiongYou, not too much of the ticket, there is no high spending power, starting from Kunming, a 147 yuan train!相关的主题文章: