The woman came to Luohe shoe for seven years now bought a house to open a shop isobuster

The woman came to Luohe shoe for seven years now bought a house to open a shop – the trainee reporter Yao Xiaoxiao in the eyes of ordinary people, give people the shoe is very humble, many young people do not want to do, feel dirty and shameful. However, from the Harbin woman Hou Xia, earnest shoe, working is seven years, never give up. Now, she realized his dream in Luohe, bought the house, and his shop. Do not be discouraged, more and more business in November 15th, the reporter went to a shopping mall near the traffic road and Riverside Road intersection, on the shoe girl Hou Xia interview. The 31 year old Hou Xia from Harbin, a typical northeast forthright character, a standard in the Northeast accent, hearty laughter is very appealing, colleagues affectionately called her A Xia". "No matter what the job is, you have to do it. I think the shoe is nothing. One day I put my Tianle hehe, shoe as my dream." Hou Xia told reporters with a smile. The first time to Luohe, in the mall shoe with fewer people, a lot of people to sell her shoe and shoe polish can not accept the way. Although only a few shoes a day, but Hou Xia never discouraged. "I want to work well, live well, this is my dream. Want to achieve, there is no other way, we must adhere to, adhere to." Hou Xia said, "I’m wearing shoes, it’s a dream." Sometimes, there are curious customers with mobile phone book and video chat Hou Xia shoe. "They think I’m full of northeast taste, especially fun, take a mobile phone to shoot me, home to the children, and I’m not angry. Later, they became my old customers, like friends." Hou Xiale ha ha ground says. It is because of such a cheerful personality, more and more customers Hou Xia. Family support, drive in 2009, when the company sent Xialai Hou Luohe, her family is very supportive. At that time, Hou Xia’s child was 2 years old, her mother took the initiative to help her take care of children. "Or I’m not alone here." Hou Xia grateful to his family. When I first came to Luohe, Hou Xia lived in a rented house, not a friend, even if Henan did not understand, the mood was very low. "When they say" general "and" no ", I do not know what meaning, the food is not accustomed to eating, just homesick. However, fortunately, I am more cheerful personality, slowly in the mall to meet some friends, and slowly familiar with the Luohe dialect and habits. Now, I’m half a Luohe man." Hou Xia told reporters. When the weather is cold, the shoe’s customer is more and more, when more than a day can brush more than and 100 pairs. "Every day when busy, arms and shoulders began to ache, this is the occupation disease. But think of my family so supportive of me, I am full of energy." Hou Xia said. Buy the installation work, Hou Xia’s smile is very special, can infect people. With her, many troubles will vanish. A Xia mentality is particularly good, always said that life and work should be happy, angry at home can, but can not come out with customers angry. This may be the secret of her daily happiness." Hou Xia’s colleague, Ms. Wang said. Now, Hou Xia’s husband and children have also come to Luohe, their family in the urban area of Laoshan road to buy a house. The.相关的主题文章: