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The United States Texas asphalt plant explosion 1 dead 1 injured – Beijing, China News Agency, Houston in September 14, Texas Southern Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi) a 14 asphalt plant exploded, killing 1 people were killed and 1 injured, occupation safety and health administration has begun to investigate the accident. The The Associated Press reported, 14 am, located near Corpus Christi International Airport, specializing in the production of asphalt at the Anderson construction company, a storage tank exploded, killing 1 people, 1 people were injured. James, head of the fire department, said investigators are trying to determine the cause of the explosion, said Mr. Brown. Firefighters spent about an hour to put out the fire, the explosion point is an asphalt storage tank, oil tank part of the explosion, the wreckage was thrown about 46 meters away. American Broadcasting Company news, Nueces County coroner’s office found that the deceased was working at the age of 53, Jose of Corpus Christi? Latorre, he because many died of internal injuries. Another injured man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The explosion was identified as an accident. Haas Anderson construction company vice president Jim? Anderson said that the event occurs, there are about 6 people working in the field, "to clarify the cause of the explosion is the number one problem to be solved". Occupation safety and Health Administration spokesman Juan? Rodrigues said in a statement, the agency has been investigating the accident, in the investigation before the completion will not disclose any information. (end)相关的主题文章: