The side braid I take Fan Bingbing – Fashion –

The side braid   I take Fan Bingbing – Fashion – original title: side braid my clothes Fan Bingbing wore robes with play got tender, Fan Bingbing is the goddess of the fat model inside, Fan Bingbing was pretending this matter has been unremittingly, such as the recent Fan Bingbing fans on the side of braid. This loose braid will most incisive Fan Ye hair volume highlights the advantages, really many people envy this hair. At the wedding of Ruby Lin is made up of a braid, but compared to more closely, look less volume, but with a hat or by age. Especially with some loose, tied tight some will look relatively formal, no matter what kind of shape, we have changed the perception of the braid. After all, we have thought that the braid is like this…… A nice side braid must have a big side, so that through the modification of the forehead and head hair, shape, looks not say hair is very rigid stick on the scalp. In the case of Fan Bingbing, she is often the 37 show, leaving several strands of hair looks xian. If you want to speak like the same Fan Ye have a nice side braid, the focus is not master has skill, but was more! To look at the amount of Fan Bingbing, the same is 1.5 ball head, ball head up Angelababy, may be a small apple, and Fan Ye tie up is a big Steamed Buns! So if you want to have beautiful braids, reaching at least to the volume of Fan Bingbing. So I want to have a premise with the braid is a head enough thick hair! As for the long hair, I can’t find anything more convenient than tea. You know a piece of tea contains more than 500 chemical components, organic components of 450 kinds, both polyphenols, quercetin, kaempferol alcohol etc. these rare nutrients also have vitamin B and vitamin C, A, E, K, trace elements and carotenoids to hair growth element, content do not lose the wine and fruit juice, if you fruit and vegetable intake is inadequate, it may drink a cup of tea to complementary, cost value, can nourish the hair and reduce hair loss. In addition, tea polyphenols in tea with antioxidant, free radical scavenging effects of tea polyphenols, 1 mg, clearance efficiency of excessive free radicals harmful to human body, the equivalent of 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the effect is very remarkable! This anti-aging component can enhance cell activity, inhibit the rate of cell degradation (including hair follicle cells), thereby slowing the hair soft, thin, so that the hair is more hard. At the time of drinking tea can give priority to Green Tea, the highest nutritional value, Longjing, Spring Snail Maojian, these are the classic Green Tea, suitable for health. Can also add tea wolfberry, chrysanthemum, rose, astragalus, honey and so on, not only enrich the tea flavor and nourishing hair and beauty. Ordinary tea can also be used to shampoo, tea is a weak acid, pH value of about 5.5-6.5, is very suitable for the scalp environment, two is theophylline can remove oil, tea is contained in the water soluble vitamins, three相关的主题文章: