The operation of the 1 Tibetan female Sam top 4 people 3 months to gain 20 pounds – Sohu Military Ch tataufo

The operation of the 1 Tibetan female Sam top 4 people 3 months to gain 20 pounds – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the army forty-first army brigade soldier, Sergeant rank, won two, three, 1 times each. North Bay, the fire. The sea, a combat air combat exercise in full swing. "By small enemy attacks, 1, 3, 4 trumpeter was sentenced killed." Dispatch a sudden order, let the unexpected. At this time, only 2 chariots in trumpeter, Sergeant J Aa Ram. The commander ordered the decisive weapon: "expansion!" A piercing brake, a sudden stop. I saw J Aa Ram out from the car, the three step climb on the roof, 15 seconds, antenna erection. Then, from the 3 meter high missile launch vehicle and jumped, and carrying hundreds of pounds of CAT cable bent forward, erecting photowrite…… A few minutes later, the radar alarm suddenly rang, Sinala, crisp bright voice came: "launch!" The blink of an eye, "missile" dragging flames toward the "prey" annihilate the invading enemy". "1 people to complete the task 4 buglers, and within the prescribed time limit, it is all a trumpeter, good!" J Aa Ram’s wonderful performance, winning the applause of all the people in the command post. J Aa Ram is a woman of Tibetan female missile company Sergeant monitor, neat short hair, dark face, a body of soldiers. She is the whole brigade in the shortest time to reach a certain type missile "almighty bugler" requirements of soldiers, comrades said she was "on the Ge Sanghua bloom in missile station". The end of the training, J Aa Ram to score the first achievements get assigned to women’s missile. J Aa Ram first glance one Chuaizhe missile dream and missile vehicle end of the edge, "I’d like to open a chariot!" Don’t think that is the cab of the male soldiers is a face of mind: dozens of tons of chariots, the girl’s spindly, the steering wheel can not rotate. Unyielding J Aa Ram while men do not pay attention to got into the cab, even if she makes all his strength, the wheel was still. Because of the power allocation, and other factors, as a female driver was assigned missile tanks in the brigade there is no precedent. However, the difficulties did not defeat J Aa Ram. Tall J Aa Ram decided to weight gain, each meal appetite doubled, most of the time to eat a breakfast of 6 Steamed Buns. 3 months later, her weight soared to 110 pounds from 90 pounds, a chariot wheel and no efforts have been male soldiers. At the beginning of last year, even all the jobs to female woman missile open, J Aa Ram passed the driving test into the chariot, a certain type of missile launching vehicle in the first batch of female drivers for the army. More than one mountain. And behold, greater challenges lie ahead. Once occupied position of shooting drills, J Aa Ram driving the chariot blazing, first arrived at the position. Unexpectedly, 3 trumpeter Chen Yuyan just jumped out of the door, be careful not to hurt my knee, suddenly bled, was sent to the rescue. Seeing the enemy struck, but no one knows 3 trumpeter, because the radar antenna can not be carried out, a car can only helplessly accept defeat. This Jens Aa Ram deeply touched, one end, she found the commander: "I want to be the almighty.".相关的主题文章: