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The more you roar, the worse the child! This is the most simple and effective way – the mother and maternal | Sohu recently, I know a new term — skin thief. Is used to scold the child, to describe a child stubborn, rebellious, adults say 100 times are not obedient state. I don’t know if you guys would say that. This is the case: not long ago, my family moved downstairs to the new tenants, two elderly and a family of three. This should be enjoyable for three generations, but moved from that day, the atmosphere on the little. Every morning and evening, almost all the time to hear the loud rebuke and quarrel. In the morning, grandma is a child. Grandma: "hurry up, it’s time to go to school!" The child: "Oh" Grandma: "do not sleep at night, can not afford in the morning, eat a meal jjyy!" Child: "Oh, you know, I’m not going to eat it!" Grandma: "do you still talk back? Am I wrong? How many times have you said? Once heard it? Skin thief!" Child: "Oh dear! You’re not finished yet! Take a walk, I’m full, go for a walk!" In the evening, the mother is training the child. Mom: "turn off the tv! I go for a walk before they asked you to practice, what are you doing?" Child: "I’ll look at it for a while, and that’s all right" Mom: hurry up! Qin people every day the teacher told me that 7 children a piece of piano, you have a few lazy!" Child: "Oh, I’ll do it!" Mom: "all day with a leather thief like, say 800 times do not listen. Let you practice a piano, like you!" Children:"……" Such a scene, we have more or less experienced it! Needless to say, all parents want their children to learn progress, child care, the starting point is to allow all doubt, but sometimes it is really a headache: the child is not into the oil and salt, persuasion is not. So, we will roar, the child angrily scolded the child, but a long time, the children really become a "skin thief", more scolds not obedient, even learned to talk back. This is probably the most numerous parents worry about the things. Why children roar more disobedient? (1) there is an interesting phenomenon transfinite effect psychology, called "Transfinite effect": when a person accepts the stimulus too much, too strong, too long, the heart will breed impatient, rebellious mood. A proverb is: To summarize, the objectionable environment without its foul smell for a long time. When we first scold the child, the child is really very afraid, will behave very honest, very obedient. But the number of times after a lot of scolding, the child will get used to these high intensity of the stimulus, it seems to hear you roar, in fact, attention has long been free to go elsewhere, do not care what you are yelling. For a long time, the child that you can’t get in addition to roar, and how he, so bold, dare to talk back to you. (2) the escape mechanism of the brain, when a person feels a strong fear, feel threatened, the brain will start the emergency escape mechanism, mental tension, moment.相关的主题文章: