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The marathon, "why do you always hit the wall"? Sohu – Sports marathon friends are no less experienced chest tightness, dyspnea, palpitations, dizziness, leg soft, pace heavy, speed off the wall of the phenomenon. Many people think that "the wall" is because the marathon race to 30 km, glycogen depletion, energy shortage. But in fact, the wall of the mechanism is very complex, in addition to energy metabolism, excitation contraction coupling function protection also relates to the inhibition of central nerve fatigue, muscle decline and so on many kinds of change mechanism. Include: 1, the energy consumption of Marathon sports items of energy supply characteristics, is based on aerobic metabolism, in which the main energy supply. Fat is the body’s largest energy pool, fat oxidation capacity is the key to long-term exercise, and glycogen storage is the key to high-intensity exercise. Marathon to consume a lot of fat and glycogen, if the fat oxidation capacity to reach the limit, glycogen consumption is too much, it is prone to physical overdraft. 2 lactic acid, metabolic waste accumulation of the marathon is not the main, more fatty acid metabolism is not sufficient oxygen to produce " ketone; " harmful substances in class, it is acidic, and can inhibit nerve, make metabolism disorder, thus the motor ability decreased, as "acid, leg lift the leg". A large number of sports will produce lipid peroxides, etc., will destroy the cell structure, hinder normal cell activity. 3, muscle muscle fatigue after long time repeated contraction, muscle cell structure damage occurs due to mechanical stretch and chemical factors, structure of muscle contraction protein damage, decreased ability and muscle cell ATP synthesis, calcium intake and release disorder, affect the muscle excitation contraction coupling caused by skeletal muscle fatigue. 4, nerve and mental fatigue after a large number of nerve cells reflex activity, their own metabolic function beyond the limitations of the motor neuron excitability decreased (protective inhibition). At this point, there will be a corresponding negative psychological reaction. "The wall", a complex state of mind of athletes. For example: impetuous mood and negative, suggesting that their own toilet, say to myself the next time you run, pity yourself why so bitter, warned his health is most important, the comfort of their own wall can stop. In fact, this series of changes in the minds of athletes are ready to give up the prelude to the game. So, the wall body is a kind of comprehensive fatigue, is not only the energy consumption. Also, a lot of the time you capacity of all aspects of the most "short board" will appear before the wall reaction, such as leg stiffness, respiratory rhythm. The wall is not only the pronoun "marathon" and "30 km" because of the "wall" is a kind of comprehensive fatigue, so it is actually a normal phenomenon is very common, in any sports will appear. For example: football players 70 to 85 minutes cramps phenomenon; m m m m ~ 300 m to 350 m action stiffness, deformation and basketball players in the fourth section of the shooting rate began to decline, and so on. These are all.相关的主题文章: