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The latest "Asian brand 500 strong" released: Japan and South Korea has the largest number of selected – Beijing, the original title: the latest "Asian brand 500 strong" released: the largest number of the top ten in Japan and South Korea accounted for half of Hongkong Chinese news agency in September 26th industry authority issued 26 2016 "Asia’s top 500 brands list, China Japan and South Korea, was selected to become the most populous country; in ten years ago, China brand to occupy half of the seats, respectively Chinese national grid, industrial and commercial bank, Tencent, HUAWEI and Chinese life, which ranked third in the national grid. The list, released in Hongkong, was compiled and released by the world brand lab and the world executive group, which is the world’s eleventh most influential brand in asia. The selected 500 brands involving 20 countries and regions, including: Chinese (including Hong Kong and Macao) with 208 brands selected in the list, the number of the first and 139 brands; Japan has 143 brands selected, ranked second; South Korea selected 50 brands, ranked third. Japan’s SONY, TOYOTA and China’s national grid ranked top 500 in the top three, the list of the top ten also includes Samsung, Panasonic and LG. From the industry point of view, the selected brands involved a total of 35 related industries. Among them, the financial industry is the most selected brands, a total of 64 brands were ranked second to fifth; the number of selected sectors are media (55), food and beverage (38), IT (33) electronic communication, electronic and electrical appliances (31). Yale University School of management professor levy to attend the conference? Dole (Ravi Dhar) pointed out that China and India, is the world’s population first and second major powers in asia. The middle class (class) is growing, the rich are more and more, but they are willing to spend money to buy almost international brands. This requires reflection, but more opportunities. In his view, the Internet for Asian companies and Asian brands may bring disruptive changes in the future. Harvard University School of business professor John, a senior professor of marketing (John Deighton), said the Asian brands can first enter the global market from the B2B brand entry point. Ding Haisen, editor in chief of the world entrepreneur magazine, believes that most of the European and American brands are named after their founders. In the future, whether in Asia or China, the family brand will be highly valued. The family brand can bring the brand association and visibility into full play, because every exposure of the brand, will help enhance visibility, strengthen brand awareness, so as to leverage leverage. (end)相关的主题文章: