The government as dream home renovation old Jingan downtown village change – market dynamics – Shang

The government as "dream home renovation" old Jingan downtown village change – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network television,?? when a housing reform case "turn bad into good", some people and some people skeptical, be struck dumb, this place turned over a variety of coat, always make people feel too gorgeous, out of reach. However, in Jingan District, Nanjing West Road street, the downtown area of Shanghai, the whole project Zhiguangongfang renovation project continued in many of the old district of the simple "staged", the government to break the problem, achieve a generation has not wait until the "living the dream", and the release of ablation undercurrent of neighbor contradictions, to re ignite the residents "feelings of love". Don’t put the toilet?? Ning bed generation desire to finally reach?? Cooper residential area is located in the south of Jingan District, a distance of Nanjing West Road Kerry Center but three to five meters. Living in such "the corner" that many people envy, but they may not know, until a year ago, the residents here also suffered unspeakable difficulties "toilet". ?? Several lanes along the Changle Road built in the last century in 20s and 30s, about 600 households, nearly 2000 people. Because of construction is not sanitary sewage system unified, the old wooden toilet is almost every household "standard". For a long time, day or night, regardless of wind and rain, even if there is a cold, headache and slight fever, residents also want to load through the alley, the area outside the designated place to dump the toilet. ?? Due to the small age old, sound insulation and waterproof are relatively poor, and the structure of the housing, apartment layout distribution often perplexing, upstairs bedroom downstairs canteen, the average indoor area is only more than and 10 square meters. In this area with a set of sewage pipe network ", and the installation of household type closestool, engineering of large, high degree of difficulty as Arabian Nights. Even so, many residents carry a toilet, but never really believe that someone would come to kenyinggutou, precisely because of this, Jingan District last year Zhiguangongfang renovation project "into the area when he was questioned, some people can’t imagine" the transformation of a square meter toilet ", just worry about the project as a mere formality. However, more residents or too afraid of the washing day, on the government’s "essay Yong", they both cherish and support, some even early make room for the first construction team. ?? In fact, the transformation is well prepared. The actual installation of the toilet is a special, size suitable for small size, but also for the elderly, the bottom is also connected to a piece of about 0.6 square meters of ceramic base, to solve the problem of noise and water seepage. However, despite the unity of the device, but the installation method can not be copied, the confidence of the residents are all one by one try to build up a number of research. Cooper committee director Tang Yongzhen said that the construction of a toilet can be described as "a scheme". Live in Changle Road?? 682 Lane Zhang Apo is more than and 80 years old and his wife, she lives in the two floor of a 5.6 square meters of the garret. Because the area of the room is too small, the storage is many, the position is awkward, the construction side initially rejected the plan which installs the toilet bowl in the room. Zhang Apo and his wife that very anxious, "said would rather not have to put the toilet on the bed". U相关的主题文章: