The golden nine silvers ten listed car fifth play crazy to buy buy buy (video) christie stevens

The golden nine silvers ten listed car fifth play crazy to buy buy buy in 2016 October ushered in the last week, in a week, has listed 7 new cars. Car from the B+, B, to a class, A0 class; SUV from medium to compact. Covers almost all of the mainstream consumer consumption range, today is from big to small, smooth smooth, to see if they have what new tricks. Ford Taurus m m video video in October 20, 2016, Changan Ford announced the 2017 Taurus officially listed. The new car launched a total of 3 displacement of 6 models, the price range of 23.48-36.98 million. See table below: 2017 Taurus guidance price models price (yuan) EcoBoost 180 (1.5T) 245 (2.0T) 23.48EcoBoost luxury fashion type 245 24.98EcoBoost (2.0T) 26.98EcoBoost (2.0T) 245 luxury flagship 29.98EcoBoost 325 V6 (2.7T) flagship 34.98EcoBoost 325 V6 (2.7T) LTD Limited Edition 36.98 "pictures for Taurus EcoBoost325 V6 limited edition" new Taurus new EcoBoost325 V6 LTD limited edition models, the limited edition models used at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show debut (micro-blog). Appearance, the new car in front of the classic grid front grille design, the overall effect is more impact. The configuration, the limited edition models of new LED pedal and SONY exclusive custom audio, car dashboard, console, door and seat and other parts are made of a leather wrapped. "The picture with a Taurus EcoBoost325 V6 limited edition interior. Also, EcoBoost245 extreme type models cash will be upgraded to EcoBoost245 flagship, massage seat, LKA lane keeping assist system and electric direction with memory function in regulating disk configuration. Power, the new car provides 3 kinds of power systems for consumers to choose, including 1.5T (four cylinder) EcoBoost180 models, 2.0T EcoBoost245 models and 2.7T V6 engine equipped with EcoBoost325 models. Maximum power of 181 horsepower, 245 horsepower and 329 horsepower. Transmission and engine matching is a 6 speed manual gearbox. The evening of October 17th, Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) new large sedan C6 officially listed in Beijing, the new car was launched with 1.6THP and 1.8THP engine 5 models, priced at 18.99-27.99 yuan. Dongfeng Citroen C6 official guidance price of the official guide price 350THP comfortable type 189 thousand and 900 yuan 350THP luxury 380THP luxury $218 thousand and 900 yuan 380THP distinguished type 23.相关的主题文章: