The ferryman file 12.23 legend of Eason Chan turned crazy play song-freelander2

"The ferryman" file 12.23 legend of Eason Chan song crazy entertainment Tencent transformation produced by Wong Kar Wai, directed by Zhang Jiajia, Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, Angela Baby (Angelababy), Rongrong Zhang, Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, cuckoo, Dapeng, Cui Zhijia, Jia Ling, Li Canchen, Liu Yan, CO starring Li Yuchun cameo, especially as he Luhan the age of love comedy "the ferryman" has been set file on December 23, 2016 officially released. The movie version of the theme song "self exposure love let me stay in your side", let the fans surprise, shouting "song and a song can be the single cycle of songs!" This song by Eason Chan film "soulful interpretation of the ferryman" version of love theme song is a song of love temperature "Eason song", continued his usual charming style, let a person listen quite touched, as if the ferryman is on your side, like a cold winter in the warm sun, like a hot cup of wine, gently hug to you, give you a warm strength to go on. Golden King became "frustrated singer" desperately into Hongkong today as good actor singer the most attractive male singer, Eason Chan is changeable, his deep, uninhibited, cool, funny, strange and mysterious, and each side makes quite drunk. As a fully deserve Golden King, his voice is very penetrating and magnetism are mellow mellow, full of sense of wood and with a little bit of metal texture, while also hidden a glimmer of warmth, like a story master, take you into an emotional picture with song, as the temperature in winter sunshine. Albert had commented on Eason Chan, saying, "he is not a wizard, he does not have to sing skills, but with feelings." Even praising "ten years to a Eason Chan." That’s a wanton king in the music in the film "super song," the ferryman drop "altar", play a rather frustrated singer. In order to play horsepower, Eason Chan is put together enough effort, not only to "epoch-making" stick to every beard, the concert did not see himself in the mirror beard almost did not recognize the person in the studio every day to eat eat a lot, just to look more into "frustrated the singer" state. Wong Kar Wai Eason Chan praise, said: "this is the first time in 25 years, and international cooperation, but his investment has let him change completely from singer to actor." Zhang Jiajia also praised Eason Chan into the play is very deep, the speech full of melancholy melancholy horsepower." And Eason partner Xiong Dailin jokes, "Eason Chan shot because of too much input, so that you first saw him that what happened to Eason Chan." Prior to co director Johnny To has also been evaluated by Eason Chan, that he is a very qualified actor, there is a big change in acting." "Kingmv" sound soulful singing "E song" interpretation of the warmth of love this film "boatman ferryman" love version theme song "let me stay in your side" exposure ", Kingmv" Eason Chan again stunning open throat soulful singing, this song is a continuation of Eason Chan’s unique "E love song" style through sense),相关的主题文章: