The end of the era of mobile Internet users dividend bat realized the battle jiqiangkaida roxane hayward

The end of the era of mobile Internet users dividend BAT realized the battle jiqiangkaida with BAT Tencent earnings, market capitalization of $247 billion, has become the largest technology company China beyond ali! Once the BAT has now become a TAB. According to the results, TAB total revenue of 86 billion 100 million yuan this year, 4-6 yuan. From the revenue perspective, all big three year-on-year growth, and the increase in more than 10%, of which the largest Tencent revenue, reached 35 billion 691 million yuan, followed by revenue growth was the fastest Alibaba, Baidu is once again reached 32 billion 154 million yuan, 18 billion 264 million yuan; but from the net profit, only the Tencent grew, Alibaba and Baidu respectively. There were 77% and 34% decline. Obviously, the growth of Tencent benefit from the mobile terminal WeChat and Mobile Games powerful cashability, but after the giants have awakened the user bonus era of mobile Internet users over the main engine of BAT, the next round of revenue and profit growth will change from the market to grab the user bonus to enhance the mobile Internet business cash flow efficiency. According to Ai Rui, the state data of the mobile Internet, the first round of War: grab "user bonus" era has ended, the natural growth of domestic mobile market users have entered the end, a few years ago, users of more than 30% growth does not exist, the basic single digit percentage growth into the era of competition is more intense. The next round of war will be realized, the competition is how to get higher profits and revenues from existing users, higher profits and revenue will push the market value of TAB to the next vertex. Obviously, the giants have been clear direction and began to focus on the layout, the next step is to rely on mobile advertising to achieve the core. Take Tencent, for example, in the second quarter and interim results in 2016, the number of people with the circle of friends from the effect of WeChat advertising revenue grew by $80%, significantly more than the brand display advertising. Tencent disclosure, WeChat monthly active accounts reached 806 million, an increase of 34%, most of the company’s traffic and about $80% of revenue generated from the mobile platform. At the same time, in order to focus on force of third party mobile advertising platform market, Tencent recently re adjust the mobile advertising business architecture, particularly the establishment of the Tencent advertising department, the appointment of Huang Lei (Michael  Huang) as the general manager, vice president of the group Lin Hua Tencent to report, focus on third party mobile Internet traffic development and AD. Alibaba and Baidu, also have organizational restructuring and other actions, ready to force mobile advertising platform business. So, if the first stage of the traditional mobile Internet valuation model to evaluate mobile Internet advertising companies, may enter the wrong. Internet Co is to gather the user actual follow-up 3-5 years or longer commercialization, according to the current industry mobile advertising platform and developer 3:7 revenue sharing model, third party mobile advertising platform can actually access the user stable many littles make a mickle. flow of 30% of the proceeds, which means far more than focusing on the accumulation of more Internet users the theory of commercial profit相关的主题文章: