The double chromosphere reproduction double straight No. 3 with only 1 pieces of basketball major om sugus

The double chromosphere reproduction double straight No. 3 with only 1 pieces of basketball big omissions Shuangseqiu now rare form of Beijing time on October 4th, the double chromosphere lottery ushered in the 16116th period, the current award number: 07, 18, red 20, 23, 27, 31, 13. The observation group award, we can find 20 consecutive red out of 4, which is nearly 100 during the first 4 period even opened the red ball! While the other 27 red balls, has also been out of 3, but the number of 1 in 3 consecutive is not surprising, nearly 100 in 03, 05 and 14 have appeared even open 3. Double straight No. 3 with No. 3 straight double form of reproduction even one award number out of 3 consecutive or 4 stages in the double chromosphere thirteen years of history do not give pieces wins the lottery, but the red 16116 periods 20 and 27 are in the same period of the lottery, it will constitute a Shuangseqiu the lottery history of a very rare form of red double straight even even open 3. From the 2003 Shuangseqiu sale has been thirteen years of history, as of 16117th, has a total of 2016 Shuangseqiu lottery, and red double straight even form a total of 3 numbers appeared only 15 times, the appearance frequency is about 0.74%. This digital frequency appears in this form has been very high, to know the theory of probability of 3 red balls for 3 consecutive lottery prize number are out of only 0.28%. No. 3 double straight even form in the history of a total of only 15 times, first appeared in the 2004 034-036 lottery, in 2005 ushered in the outbreak, a single annual open 4 times; then ushered in nearly 7 years of silence, from 2006 to 2012, a total of only appeared 4 times out of 06, not 07 the rest of the year, 10 years, each one; 2 times, 1 times, 13 years 14 years 15 years of vacancy, 2016 so far has appeared 2 times. It is worth mentioning that, in the double chromosphere lottery history also appeared 1 times in 3 straight No. 3 even the. 3 straight No. 3 with only 1 pieces missing big basketball Shuangse Qiu 16117 basketball out of even 02 out of 02, ending the missing 37 number. The highest number of missing year Shuangseqiu basketball even 08 of the 94 period, the record so far failed to be broken. It can be said that the basketball award number in the 2016 open compared to the average, only 3 pieces of basketball appeared 50 or more missing, were 03 (53), 06 (81) and 08 (94). The rest of the award, on average 33.8 lottery will end its omission. This year, still missing big basketball award number only 1, that is the number 03, the missing number has reached 53, the rest is still maintained a higher number of missing award number is 29 02 26 odd and even number 15, 08 (94) to break the record in addition to some day wait, may also need some luck. (Xiao Tong)相关的主题文章: