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The decision of a child’s life is not IQ, achievement, but this thing! Why do some of the children of mothers and children of poor academic performance, and some children learn very well, many parents, and even some teachers will say that IQ is high and low, efforts to different! But many people tend to ignore this point, the real decision of the child’s academic performance, not IQ, but the child’s time management. This is what some people try to make up a missed lesson, but also learn to stay up late, finally some other students. Because he doesn’t have the knack of time management. The secret, if you go to a circle of friends, parents and teachers will thank you! When it comes to learning time, many people first thought is how to squeeze time — compression to sleep time, eating time compression and compression of leisure time, and so on, to learn all the time outside are compressed to the extreme, it is the ultimate goal of time management. For academic performance and the students, often accompanied by the feeling that time is not enough distress. Because they think, want to catch up, must give yourself "catch-up" — much supplementary or before looking for something else to do some supplementary materials. However, the teacher took up the majority of the class time, but also a lot of homework assignments, and even do homework every day, where to come to their own time to learn? Another situation is that some people spend a lot of time to learn, almost reached the physiological limits of the people, it is not possible to squeeze out what time out, but progress is still not great. See yourself very painful when reading questions, some better than their many students seem very leisurely. If the time has come to this field, there is room for improvement? For these questions, in one sentence: "time is not important, it is important that efficiency." Please note that the learning time is the "Matthew effect" ranked by the students are always complaining about too much homework the teacher, in addition to homework, no time to learn; and the top of the students think the teacher assignments not many, every day after school before they have to do homework almost the rest of the time, you can find yourself out to get some books to read, but also little leisure entertainment. For those who want to change the status quo through their own hard work, this is a very frustrating situation. For this phenomenon, give it a name, called: learning time Matthew effect. Matthew effect refers to the stronger and weaker social phenomenon. The name comes from a fable in the Bible · matthew. In the "·" of the Bible, the New Testament, "Matthew" in the twenty-fifth chapter, said: "where there is, but also to give him to call him redundant; no, even his own will be taken over." Good learning, because reading problem is very easy, a lot of time left, can be used to make more progress; and for learning afflicted, because reading questions are very painful, low efficiency, even the teacher assignments every day to complete, do not squeeze out time相关的主题文章: