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The children park has been crying how to do? – the first month Sohu maternal child admission, came to a strange environment to collective life, often because of the lack of a sense of security and crying, emotional instability phenomenon, this is what psychologists call "separation anxiety". Some children will be able to adapt to the park a few days later, when some of the children started to cry for a while, and the kids play is good, and the children would cry a month or even longer. In the park has been almost a month, from the beginning to the park if the child crying, do not adapt to adapt slowly now and gradually integrated into the collective? Speech therapist, psychologist Chen Bangqi Sohu interviewed maternal sweet angel children’s Hospital in the park this season, "cried the child admission to do" this topic for the majority of parents. The guests: Chen Bangqi, graduated from the Department of clinical psychology at Fu Jen Catholic University, the Beijing children’s Hospital sweet angel children’s language therapist. He has been engaged in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and senior high school students in Taiwan to assess and treat them. Good at language development assessment and treatment of children with autism, ADHD children with ADHD assessment and treatment. In the face of separation anxiety when kindergarten, the parents must do a few things! Separation anxiety this thing, the most important thing is to separate the child from his family for a period of time, this thing he is not accustomed to, so it will be nervous, do not know how to do, he will cry to express. In fact, there are some ways to refer to. First, with the child notice, say some kindergarten life. What can be done, there is something to attract him, or the next door to go to kindergarten kindergarten is very fun, we will go with her, okay? Give the child some health concepts, so that he will not feel very afraid of kindergarten. There are a few points to attract him, let him have some expectations, usually this time the child will be higher. Second, take the children to look at the kindergarten environment, the campus has a number of facilities, it seems very interesting, actually see here some fun. Our purpose is to let him practice, familiar with the different environment, he is familiar with after the next time it took him to the next time it take him to go to school at that time, he will not feel strange, don’t feel like you want to leave me here, this is a familiar environment the way. Third, cultivate children’s social experience. We will see that ordinary life with a lot of people who interact with the child, for kindergarten this thing is easier to adapt. I have a friend, they do business, so his children every day sitting in the shop with him in and out, greeting a customer, he was accustomed to see different people. At the time of kindergarten, adaptability is very fast. Another is the ability to take care of themselves, for example, like eating, drinking water, on the toilet, he told the teacher that these abilities he is not enough? Is the life experience of the same age group enough? Some children come into contact with only the people at home, mom and dad grandparents. He went to the kindergarten to see so many people, a little scared, he did not know, can not listen to.相关的主题文章: