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The car was destroyed hidden machine really is not this car parking – Sohu a man working in the field back, asked me to borrow the car to do something, I say you get a license yet? The other answer is very straightforward, you really don’t understand me, I will take the driver’s license 5 years ago, the old driver. I basically have not seen him alone to drive a car on the road, with a disturbed mind, don’t borrow mabukai sensibilities, borrow it seems to trust, how to do in case of smuggled goods? So I had a brother, today there are empty, go together, (handed him the key) you open it. The results of it, this guy a few kilometers has not discovered the hand brake didn’t put in the end, change does not love to turn on the lights, parking when actually tire blew the curb, almost put the wheel scratch, how a suspended word. Return myself away, feeling my heart has over ten thousand mud horse ~ after this, I won’t easily lend it to anyone else. Moreover, even if you are ten years of driving experience, is also possible and get the license after the egg, for many years have not touched the car a few people, or driving less mileage, driving and driving is not proportional. Also, don’t talk to me about driving for ten years or eight years, you see the parking I know you are not the old driver. For example, these traps caught more than 3 parking, the wall thinking in the past. No.1 ramp parking and flat parking, ramp parking details is the most test of the old driver. What is the safest and safest way to stop at the ramp? If you open the manual stop car, after the car is parked is certainly the first time the parking brake. However, the old driver will put up a block, to prevent slipping failure if the handbrake, head towards the downhill, then hang down. But will the wheel to rely on the side of the road a certain angle direction, the advantage of this is that, even if the vehicle brake failure, the gear lever not hung up, the car will hit the road opposite, not toward long distance vehicle caused greater losses. As for how to stop the automatic car is routine, as long as the operation of the order in accordance with the following (parking – gear – parking brake – foot brake release – P block – hanging off the flame), is the most correct. You want to, ah, if you hang the P block and then release the foot brake, the car will have a little bit of a downward move, so that the P gear will be hard to bite, and then the next time you start, it is difficult to estimate the P block off. Still do not understand their friends to fill their brains. The car is parked No.2 direction back (non ramp) many times you will find that after the parking lot car garage into the direction of the front wheel or a certain angle, even after the steering stop left. Especially for the hydraulic power steering models, it is no doubt that the direction of the captain time in the working state, a long time to keep the pressure on both sides of the natural pressure will cause a decline in the direction of life. But now many new models are equipped with electric power steering more advanced machines, parking is not back to positive direction has little influence on the direction of the machine, but this is also a safety hazard, the next time you start the starting time, is likely to hit the accelerator to the left or right, next to pedestrians and vehicles but also security risks. To prevent. )相关的主题文章: