The camel coat collocation of white shoes I will be the most important.

The camel coat collocation of white shoes I will lead the most important nonsense: when it comes to dress this thing, who didn’t miss? Wear wrong does not matter, the key is to know how to change. Today, a simple analysis of the mistakes we wear easily, and provides three solutions, can teach you to become fashionable! (content from: fashion COSMO) dress this thing 1 choose the simple style although now popular embroidery, graffiti and splicing, but if we do not have the figure that really don’t challenge. After all the stars are wearing the wrong nine out of ten because wear too much. For example, the world’s first lady OliviaPalermo (Olivia · Palermo) a few times because of wearing the wrong dress is too complex. Big pants and messy accessories ruined all the fashion. OliviaPalermo (Olivia · Palermo) later to avoid some messy items, reduce the body too fancy accessories, immediately becomes smooth and clean up, the whole people seem to have a lot of spirit ~ OliviaPalermo (Olivia · Palermo) in 2 to in-depth study of this advanced minimalist style to Karlie Kloss (Carly · learn from Claus). Every time she out of the street are simple and elegant, fashionable and comfortable coexist, never wear miss Karlie Kloss (Carly · Claus Karlie) – Kloss (Carly · Claus) what color 2 colors don’t wear advanced dare to try, after all you are not palette. Put some too pure, too dirty color worn directly on the body is taboo. Gigi and Kendall stars because it didn’t suffer less. Gigi and Kendall are dressed like little country girls. Gigi Hadid (Jim · Hadid Kendall Jenner (·), Kendall; Zhan Na (Hadid Gigi) – Gigi · Hadid Kendall Jenner (·), Kendall; Zhan Na) later and turned back to forsake heresy and return to the truth, the little fairy. Gigi Hadid (Jim · Hadid Gigi (Hadid) – Gigi · Hadid Kendall (·) Jenner Kendall; Zhan Na Kendall Jenner (·) – Kendall; Zhan Na) see the problem where? They are grey is the most error prone (between the gray line between the gray and white neutral color belongs to the category of medium lightness, no color or very low color) wear is very advanced, with a sense of nobility. Such as how to wear good camel and nude is gray. Grey system grey system.相关的主题文章: