The boy pulled out a drawer is when the stair climbing accident right leg smashed – Beijing ca1834

The boy pulled out a drawer is when the stair climbing accident right leg smashed – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Hu Fangyuan correspondent Jing Tong Jin) TV cabinet dumping harm children and now a: one meter high drawer cabinet stood on the heavy old TV set, the boy pulled out a drawer on the stairs to change the channel, but the TV along with the TV cabinet together down, right leg unfortunately in children. Yesterday afternoon, the 5 year old grandmother vast home from kindergarten, as usual to the vast open TV watching cartoons, own to the kitchen to prepare meals. In less than ten minutes, grandma heard the sound of something falling on the ground, the child’s crying followed. Grandma ran over to see the TV cabinet high one meter down, just hit the leg on tv. The old TV set is too heavy, shouted to the neighbors did not move quickly, grandma grandchild to universal love hospital pediatric department of orthopedics. After diagnosis, the right femoral fracture, need plaster traction treatment. "Did not think of the vast turned the TV cabinet drawer is opened, in the above step to change the TV station." Grandma saw grandson injured, regret. Li Fan, director of the pediatric department of orthopedics hospital said that last year the Department had received a case and the vast as the television hit fracture of children, they were watching TV when the accident occurred alone. Do not think that children at home will be safer than outdoor activities." Li Fan reminder: before the age of 6 children without a clear understanding of the risk, the parents do not let the children out of their sight, try to use soft, no sharp corners of the furniture, the easy to hurt the child’s furniture in the corner, to avoid the child injury knock bumps.相关的主题文章: