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The 313rd phase: seasonal cold, nutritionists to open dietotherapy! – Health Channel – People’s network to eat whole grains which can not get sick! Especially in the seasonal exchange, sooner or later, a large temperature difference, is likely to suffer from a cold, which is actually the immune system to make a defensive reaction to the outside world. That would like to ask you pro, if you have a cold, how would you do it? Take medicine? An injection? Hard to resist? Is there no way to ease the cold, escape the robbery? The today by the teacher for this series of problems for everyone answering questions. What is a cold? A cold is actually the body’s immune system to reduce or change in the external environment, resulting in the nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx occurred in acute inflammation. The common cold can be cured after a period of time depending on its own resistance. We often say that the cold is divided into many types, in general, the initial symptoms are more similar, such as a stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy throat, etc.. But this is only the common symptoms of the common cold, if you have the flu virus, the virus can cause strong toxicity, the symptoms will be significantly more serious, such as local pain, edema, hyperemia, and herpes etc.. The symptoms of different solutions in different TCM dialectical when will the cold wind heat type cold and cold cold. Anemopyretic cold anemopyretic cold is hot air into the lungs, and cause lung caused by cold. The main symptom is pain in the head, sore throat, yellow phlegm and sticky and so on; the treatment process should pay attention to the heat from the body, so, for drug and food should be cool kind of use. Dietotherapy porridge: wax gourd, carrot soup. 1, melon porridge. Water melon, low calorie, high dietary fiber content, normal pregnant women and help maintain blood glucose to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation. In the porridge can be cooked until soft wax gourd, then add rice porridge is too thick, so as to avoid the melon not cooked. 2, carrot soup. Carrots contain a large number of beta carotene, which can be further converted into vitamin A in the body. When a cold occurs in the body of vitamin A will be consumed, resulting in further decline in immunity. The carrot soup taking will help improve the resistance. If you add a few drops of vegetable oil in the soup, can help better the absorption of beta carotene. Cold cold cold cold mostly occurs in the body relatively weak people or old people, children, is mainly caused by the bacterial body attacks the cold wind. People usually feel cold, stuffy nose, cough sputum Qing serious symptoms, the best choice in the choice of food can help sweating, can be discharged in the cold food. Therapeutic side: onion porridge, ginger water. 1, onion porridge. The rice boiled porridge, add ginger, scallion (best will also join a small amount of vinegar, roots). Onion contains a certain amount of allicin in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, at the same time, will also play a fever cold dispelling effect. However, with spicy onion porridge, so don’t put too much, about two fingers wide can be chopped into short. 2, ginger juice water. Ginger is warm Jiapin, has cold, cough and refreshing effect. Can 1-2 piece of fresh ginger mashed into water cook)相关的主题文章: