Tesla three quarter delivery volume growth of more than 70% modelx60d stop or give way to Model3-sopor aeternus

Tesla delivered in the three quarter volume growth of over 70% ModelX60D production or way Model3 trainee newspaper reporter Gong Mengze recently, Tesla CEO eilon – musk (ElonMusk) announced, will be held two conference in October. Among them, the new conference will be held in October 17th, will launch a surprise product. And in October 28th will launch a Powerwall2.0 and SolarCity solar roof and Tesla charging pile. Tesla officially released third quarter data show that when Tesla delivered a total of 24500 electric vehicles, of which about ModelS, ModelX about 8700 vehicles. Compared to the second quarter, Tesla delivery in the third quarter grew by more than 70%. Create the highest quarterly sales record. The production version of Model3 available on October 7th or the upcoming conference, although musk did not disclose specific details, but the outside world will focus on the new Model3. The industry generally believe that the October 17th conference is likely to be introduced to the public Model3. Tesla as the first of its kind for the public consumer models, has received great attention in the industry. Plus musk has said the conference will be held before the introduction of the product, so this kind of speculation is not possible. At the same time, does not rule out Tesla will release the second generation of Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving technology (Autopilot2.0) software and hardware products in 17. Reporters learned that the second generation of Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving technology will be a major innovation, which increased the front of the three cameras and more body radar, and the use of a more comprehensive software. Tesla Model3 is Tesla’s most populist price (from the sale price of $35 thousand) models, but since starting in March 31, 2016 so far, the car is still in the prototype stage, did not determine the final production version of the other. Of course, this conference is also possible to launch other categories of products. Currently, Tesla also dabbled in artificial intelligence and power development and other fields, it is possible to introduce new products in the field. The musk said the release of the product will be an "unexpected", so the foreign media speculation that this new product there may be a new electric vehicle products. As for what is the final product, but also need to wait until the day of October 17th by Tesla official announcement. Although the October 7th conference content is still unknown, but in October 28th the conference has been confirmed on the field of energy products. In combination with solar company SolarCity, Tesla also began to get involved in the field of energy release, in cooperation with SolarCity products in 28 will be on the same day, according to the argument musk should be Powerwall solar roofs and Tesla charging pile. ModelX60D confirmed production in fact, due to capacity constraints seriously, Tesla has to.相关的主题文章: