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Taiwan farmers and fishermen saying "we want to eat" – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan farmers and fishermen saying "we have to eat hundreds of fishermen with their hard farming milkfish in the Tainan municipal government protest petition. (picture) "5? 20" after the DPP new authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus", caused by the political stalemate, originally sold to the mainland of Taiwan agricultural and fishery products unsalable, farmers and fishermen face hitherto unknown difficulties. On behalf of the island’s agriculture and Fisheries representatives have come out to fight, shouting slogans, we farmers to eat, called on the authorities to properly handle cross-strait relations, the benefit of the people livelihood. The mainland is the best market in Taiwan over the past 8 years, the relationship between the two sides continue to heat up, Taiwan agricultural products sold to the mainland has become increasingly high proportion. From the data, 2008, Taiwan fruit exports, only sales of $940 thousand, to $70 million 180 thousand in 2015, about 2 billion 100 million yuan (NT, the same below), many farmers and fishermen have to do business in mainland china. The reason is not only because the two sides have the location, language and cultural similarities, but also because none of the mainland to Taiwan. "According to my more than 20 years of research, the best market for fruits in Taiwan." Tainan City Association Yu Jing district general Huang Chengqing introduction, Taiwan is a subtropical fruit pulpy fruit, delicious but not resistant to storage and transportation, and shipped to the mainland ports as short as 1 days or as long as 5 days, sent to the hands of consumers is still fresh. Also, ECFA (Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) in 18 has been the fruit of Taiwan mainland get duty-free concessions, but the rest of the world where you can do?" Huang Chengqing said that last year during his 20 days in association, Taobao sold 15 thousand tons of mango, not half return. "Home and everything that is on both sides of one family with the same culture, the past is based on this idea, let mainland to taiwan." "Wang Bao" editor in chief Wang Chuozhong pointed out that "5. 20" after the decline in sales of agricultural and fishery products in Taiwan, the impact is very large. Grassroots people’s income reduction, the overall consumer spending power will be reduced, farmers and fishermen can not sell the product, the island’s economic downturn is even more. "This is on both sides of a pro, the agriculture of Taiwan exported to the mainland is the largest living, the mainland to Taiwan and take special care of the West Road, do not go, trying to open up the south, this is not it?" Tainan city councilman Xie Caiwang believes that the mainland is Taiwan’s largest export trade, a trade surplus of more than 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan per year, the DPP political factors but in order to give up the huge mainland market in Taiwan, farmers and fishermen’s cruelty. The DPP Taiwan people to swallow the bitter pill on both sides of the continuing political apathy, Taiwan agricultural and fishery products sales figures fell, even for years the deed for milkfish had been canceled, Taiwan fishermen complain no door. "The two sides of the same clan, tastes are similar, with the mainland’s contract (the first contract then farming) significantly reduced the cost of the middle, fishermen income increased significantly." Tainan milkfish association chairman Wang Wenzong said that with the mainland is the deed for milkfish in Tainan in a district fishermen’s characteristics of the project, the implementation of 5 years, everyone has a sense of ")相关的主题文章: