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"Stomach ache, aunt." "drink plenty of hot water." – Sohu CLady do not say, girls always have a few days each month can not open the heart stomach feel bad, see who is not pleasing to the eye in the big aunt is a casual visitor ~ where, where hate! If you think that it is wrong. In fact, in the monthly cycle, the menstrual cycle is divided into the menstrual period, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase of four cycles, the skin will be a subtle change, if the correct staging of skin care, can achieve an unexpected effect. "Time to die" my menstrual period: menstruation beginning to the end, usually lasts 3-7 days. The body changes: the menstrual period due to blood loss can cause physical fatigue and weakness, and the decrease of body temperature and lead to The new supersedes the old. ability is abate, body waste cannot be excluded, the skin will become dull, lack luster. Skin care points: 1, replenishment moisture: in the morning and evening after cleansing with moisturizing water spray skin, and then use a moisturizing cream or lotion. Before going to bed an hour suggested deposited mask, deposited after gently promote absorption. 2, to the black eye: in the smear cream, eye massage to reduce dark circles to circle the way. "Time" to make people by follicular period: menstruation after the beginning of the fifth to 14 days, the time lasts about 10 days. The body changes: this stage, hormone secretion, blood estrogen and progestin steadily rise, skin The new supersedes the old. stable, skin blood full, this time the skin is very strong, with intensive care. Skin care points: 1, moisture: follicular phase of strong metabolism, skin absorption ability is a good time to nourish the skin. After cleansing skin with moisturizing moisturizing skin, and then coated with nutrition cream. 2, freckle: this period is a good time to deal with the spot on the face, you can use after sun repair products and freckle products to remedy. "The time is very easy to change" Africans oviposit period: usually in the next time before menstruation 2 week (12-16 days) in vivo changes: estrogen levels decline, male hormones begin to take advantage of the skin becomes dull, if there is a splash, acne is more obvious at this time girl. Skin care points: 1, healthy life: to control their diet and rest, this time not to eat too much fried spicy or stay up late! 2, pay attention to the sun: because this time the skin melanin sensitivity to light is higher than usual, more likely to tan, and sunscreen can reduce the body’s free muscle aging. "Time a Samuume is standing in the snow": the luteal phase menstruation begins fifteenth days after the date, lasts about 14 days. Changes in the body: the reduction of female hormones, male hormone secretion increased; at the same time, estrogen, progesterone. In the production of progesterone after ovulation, the role of endocrine disorders. Skin care points: 1, thoroughly clean: luteal phase of oil secretion exuberant, in the external environment pollution, easy.相关的主题文章: