South Korean Defense Minister have the ability to intercept Russian missile combat thad beself

South Korean Defense Minister: have the ability to intercept missile Reference News Network September 22nd Russian combat sadean reported Russian media said the South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu said in September 21st, if China or Russian combat deployment in South Korea’s "Sade" system, South Korea has the ability to intercept missile. According to the Russian satellite network reported on September 21st, Sade system plans to deploy in Korea in 2017. Yonhap quoted the Korean people for saying: "if China or Russian missile attack on South Korea, of course to intercept them." He said he was referring to the de Sade system to intercept. Han Minqiu pointed out: "the system is necessary to safeguard the security of South Korea, even if China and Russia are against or have economic problems." Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said earlier, the United States deployed "Sade" system in the south area decision will further complicate the situation, but also beyond the scope of the task to curb North korea. Reported that the "Sade" system call "the terminal high altitude area defense system, can intercept short-range missiles outside the atmosphere, because the North Korea ballistic missile tests and decided to increase the number of deployed" Sade "system in our country. South Korea’s Ministry of Defense said, Sade’s anti missile range of not more than 200 km. A "Sade" system is worth more than $1 billion, consisting of a TPY-2 TM anti missile radar, 6 launchers and 48 missiles with a range of up to 300 km. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: