SONY announced the first 41 models to support the end of the PS4 Pro games there are still 45 jessica rabbit

SONY announced the first batch of 41 support PS4 Pro and 45 at the end of the game today, SONY entertainment released a PS4 Pro game list, list a total of 41 games (the beginning of paragraph 39, the official later added two), will be optimized for the PS4 Pro. Depending on the timing of the game’s release, the game needs to be optimized to make a difference. So the following the game, some need to update to PS4 Pro support, for example, two days before the launch of the patch "notorious" series. Some games are already supported by the PS4 Pro. SONY announced the first batch of 41 games to support PS4 Pro list in addition to the list of games, the end of this year will be the arrival of the 45 games. Including the upcoming "watchdog 2", "Final Fantasy 15", "the last guardian" and so on. And to 2017, including the "Resident Evil 7", "benevolence", "king of gravity", "vertigo 2 Spirit", "glory horizon: dawn will also join the game" etc.. The following is a list of the complete list of games: "battlefield 1", "Bound", "Black Ops 3", "call of Duty: Infinite War", "call of Duty: Modern Warfare" remake, "deus ex:" split, "driving club" FIFA 17 ", VR" see, "fire", "hell", "hidden killer 6", "billiards king", "illegitimate child", "notorious:: Dawn", "notorious", "brother ng 3", "Middle Earth: shadow of Mordor", "NBA", "2K17", Lagong pa "PSVR world", "Ricky and" Rez "," jingle unlimited, "RIGS: Mechanized battle alliance" Tomb Raider: the rise of ",", "journey", Robinson: "God", "super space marine disaster", "the Elder Scrolls O Ultra Nline: endless Tamriel "," the Elder Scrolls: the sky "," the last survivor "heavy plate heavy plate," the last survivor: left (The Last Of Us: Left Behind The Playroom VR) "," "," Titan 2 "," Tumble "," 4 "," mysterious waters until dawn slaughter: "," Viking "," Squad "," world of tanks "," UFO 2 war zone VR, "" Wheels of Aurelia ". (source: 3DM editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: