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Song Xiaowu: the problem has just northeast northeast more focused Sohu news Song Xiaowu to accept the "said onion" interview, with the capacity to further rise in the unemployment rate in Northeast China is possible, but it is unlikely that such lay offs at the end of 90s. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo the faces: Song Xiaowu dialogue characters: Song Xiaowu, former deputy director of the office of the State Council, the revitalization of the Northeast research fund China Economic Reform Association dialogue: the first half of 2016, economic growth in the three northeastern provinces nationwide countdown, Liaoning province is to become the only half of the -1.0% growth was negative in the provinces. The national policy to the northeast, after a lapse of 13 years, a new round of Northeast China open. The three northeastern provinces in the current economic restructuring, SOE reform, the reform of the social security system in the face of problems, in fact, is a microcosm of the national problem. Talk about the northeast, the Northeast will not be laid off in 90s, peeling onion: since 2013, the northeast economic indicators continued to slump. Some people say that the northeast economy has a hard landing. What do you think of Song Xiaowu: in 2013, when summing up the revitalization of the Northeast ten years, on average, the three northeastern provinces of GDP growth is the fastest in the country’s four plates. In addition to the results of the reform and opening up in Northeast China, an important reason is that its industrial structure (energy, raw materials and equipment manufacturing) fit the needs of the rapid development of heavy chemical industry in China from 2003 to 2012. I told the media that if the national economy downward trend, then the northeast economic downturn will be more serious than the national. This is a relatively simple decision of the northeast industrial structure. But I really did not expect, northeast economy in the last year and this year "cliff style down" situation. Economic downturn, the reform of the problem has been masked lag, it highlights the exposed. Onion: why the problem will be covered Song Xiaowu: when the enterprise orders, economic benefits, a handsome cover ugly, some of the changes in the interests of the interests of the lack of motivation. Onion (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople): what are the hidden problems? Song Xiaowu: for example, the reform of state-owned enterprises in the collective factories and enterprises running social problems. Three provinces in Northeast China, the state-owned enterprises in the ownership structure is too high, before seven or eight or more, and now there are more than five or six. In 2004, the State Council set up a leading group to solve the problem of collective factories, reduce the burden of state-owned enterprises. I was a member of the leading group, to some local pilot, some local leaders said that the current economic situation is good, a lot of big collective workers are migrant workers, historical debts problem is not urgent, why should the sleeping child woke to eat sugar. As the enterprises running social functions, then let the Daqing oilfield hospital stripping to local governments, enterprises and local government have no enthusiasm. At that time, high oil prices, good corporate performance, a hospital is not what, business leaders and workers to see a doctor is also convenient. But now, the price yield fell, the hospital staff can not get, the heavy burden of enterprise society emerged. Onion peeling: the emergence of the world.相关的主题文章: