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Solution: Bureau officials sacked and expelled from the party outside. Membership – Sohu officials and two "news writer identity interfere is not clear, reflected in the corrupt body, chaos will inevitably intensify these roles, thus making increasingly as officials, officials do not like writers writers, and even mutual arrogance, at the expense of power ethics at the same time, but also undermined the style." Chinese Writers Association recently sacked three officials of the membership, triggered the comments. According to political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) statistics, from the beginning of 2009, this is already the fifth writers announcement dismissed officials sacked membership, has fired 12 people. These are expelled from membership of the sacked officials, there has been called the "poet of the county Party Secretary, director of the writers". "Once he was a scholar and proud" of the three people recently this was barred from the club are Liaoning Provincial Agriculture Commission deputy director Zhang Jingshan, former party secretary, deputy director of the Zhejiang Jinhua Bureau of cultural relics, former director of the Henan Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau and became Li Yongxin. The latest announcement writers political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that, at the beginning of September, China Writers Association announced on the official website, in view of Fang Jingcheng, Li Yongxin, Zhang Jingshan Hill violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law", has been convicted, according to the "twenty-sixth China Writers Association Constitution" stipulates that the decision China Writers Association Secretariat, the abolition of the 3 Chinese Writers Association membership. Among them, a Jingshan Hill in October 2013 was double open on suspicion of corruption, and he in 2013 before joining the Writers Association, can be said to be joining the year checked. The party became the June 2014 for accepting bribes was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months, confiscation of 100 thousand yuan. Li Yongxin has been in charge of Henan Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Hebi for more than 10 years, in February 2014 due to corruption, embezzlement and sentenced to life imprisonment. Three people to join one of the earliest people’s party became, in 1994 became members of the writers’ Association, he read out in court in the first instance court confession said "I have to own is proud of the literati". The expense of nearly one million people in the three book costs but had caused the greatest degree of concern is known as the "Central Plains big" Li Yongxin, embezzlement of more than 290 yuan, more than 887 yuan of bribery and misappropriation of public funds 64 million 500 thousand yuan. According to political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju), Li Yongxin is a love show, has spent 2 million 150 thousand yuan to buy thirteen copies of the book of gold. During his administration of Hebi coal group, was 5 year book 8, including a collection of essays, poetry two. In the construction of leisure area of Hebi coal industry group, many families, Li Yongxin wrote couplets, poetry. Li Yongxin’s "cultural man" image of the building also spent a lot of money on the market. Verdict shows that in June 2006, in order to publish "Li Yongxin poem and calligraphy collection", he took advantage of his position, arrangement of Hebi coal group reimbursement book costs 642 thousand yuan. In November of the same year, when he was a president of the Henan cultural research association Zhang invited Li Yongxin jointly signed the Chinese saints, a Book Kun相关的主题文章: