Small separation Revelation from the perspective of the parents of the child’s future – Sohu mother

"Farewell" Revelation: from parents pattern to see their children’s future – Sohu "separation" the maternal small fire, not only because there are also TFboys, not only because of its shelling of the senior high school entrance examination and study, because it is more down to earth, reflects the universal anxiety of parents Chinese. Three children, belonging to the different families of three – civilians, elite, rich – from their family pattern, it seems to see the future of their children. The first child: Learn tyrants first child, Qin Qin, ordinary family children. Top students, grades have been ranked in the top grade, a typical school tyrants. According to the father as saying: "we are the graves to get out of the smoke, cincin such good children!" Qin Qin’s parents, one is a taxi driver, a community hospital doctor (who has no practice for many years). My mother did not go to university, but her sister’s early abroad, now has a house and a car. Therefore, according to Qin Qin’s mother’s life experience, he had no good learning opportunities, and now it was so hard. Typically, parents who shift their lives to the next generation. This is the cincin three children don’t need to go abroad, key high leverage drops. When the mother had to sell abroad, if the cincin stand out with her bright idea! Want to! Go! Kim will not create a general turmoil later. She didn’t want to leave her mother and father, but she had not been able to make her own voice. It was the lowest of the three children. These two days, there is an article on the Internet forwarding volume is very high, too sensible child often make people feel bad, too sensible from a lot of inferiority, that is not a piano? Lack of independent personality training, the child is not only easy to lack the ability to think independently, and even inevitably mediocre. Second children: learn to crisp the second children, secondary students blossoming, grades have been struggling in the grade 100. Mother’s greatest hope for her is from "good" to "excellent"". Her parents are typical of the middle class, white-collar workers, the backbone of the elite. Huang Lei’s father is the hospital area, eye doctor, but Hai Qing’s mother is in charge of living rooms, a good car, but for their children’s education heavy-hearted. This character set, let mother zhengjianghaoqing, on children’s achievement stress, anxiety, inhuman, dream of the day the child’s future, will strive for further improvement. One can imagine how much pressure to bring their children, how much resistance. 1 lie. Why not let mother blossoming open parents, and then change the examination paper score lie? Is not afraid to blame. How many children, when the mother to find their own talk, my mother did not open mouth, tears fell down here. Lying, are forced out! 2 no dignity. The graduating class, every mother ban all her entertainment, leisure, writing novels and social activities. All participated in the senior rehearsals, was a mom when they grumble. Regardless of the dignity. 3 no privacy. Peep blossoming diary, that is blossoming and seniors exchange, that were so First impressions are strongest.!相关的主题文章: