Sichuan, a student office to play the teacher repeatedly within a minute cosmax

Sichuan, a student office hit the teacher a minute many hands-on original title: Sichuan a student office hit the teacher a minute many hands-on vocational school students in the office of the teacher beating [school] response: is this September 29th, net exposure Sichuan vocational school students beating teacher in the office, of which 1 students 1 minutes repeatedly. There are students, acrimony, camera. According to the school, hit the students want to go home early is not approved, disgruntled. When the students are under 16 years of age, so that parents get away. According to Huaxi Metropolis Daily News recently, a student in the teacher’s office beat teacher video on the network heat transfer, the netizen said the incident suspected of Sichuan province in the "business school", and the teacher was beaten because "in September 29th, the teacher did not agree in advance of school students". Micro-blog says "in September 29th, because the teacher does not agree with the students leave school early, 7 students to the classroom teachers and students in the beating, door camera. The teacher did not suffer from first to last. Alarm to the police station, because the batterer is under 16 years old, was taken away by his parents, no apology. Further verification of the relevant circumstances". In this regard, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter to verify the Sichuan trade school, the school principal Chen Shiping confirmed the matter, there is such a thing". Video from the network can be seen in the teacher’s office, there are five students a teacher, one of them wearing a red orange coat while beating the teacher scolded students swearing. The video is less than a minute, but the student was hit 7 times to the teacher, and a "flap" sound. According to the netizen "chasing the shadow of Ying Zi" claimed that "the reason is that the teacher received their mobile phone, because the school has provided the class received a mobile phone to a month before, or call the parents to take, one of the reasons causing the conflict is also estimated." Reporters carefully listen to the video inside the student said, there is indeed, as well as his cell phone, the words. This netizen also broke the news that the beatings teacher is the deputy director of Sichuan Business School of Commerce and art department surnamed ding. "Chasing the shadow of Ying Zi" further claimed that, in September 29th, 7 in Sichuan Province, the Business School of business and art students because the teacher did not agree before the national day to go home early, vindictive, set a trap to the school teacher seriously wounded, of which 5 students the teacher scolded very provocative, vicious words, want to force the teacher hit students in addition, 2 students hiding in the office door shooting video. Subsequently, the reporter called Sichuan province business school assistant principal Pu Wenhong, he told reporters, was dean of the teacher is surnamed Ding commerce and art department, beating students in Guanghan, near their school, early leave home is not approved, so the hearts of hate, go to the office and move from the teacher the hand. Pu president said that after the incident, the school immediately reported to the police, the local police immediately involved in the investigation. Pu said, from the preliminary understanding of the situation, these students are beforehand, someone to play the teacher, some onlookers, some people hide and shoot the video, "their teacher and teacher abuse, to arouse teachers intention to fight back, take the teacher hit video, but our teachers are not from first to last." Pu president also said that due to the fact that the students are not over 16 years old, the police finally let the parents of the students took the students, "our school will.相关的主题文章: