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Sichuan, a private equity dispute with the chairman and directors each recall – the Beijing that Chairman of long-term harm to the interests of shareholders, not shareholders and board of directors held by the program, several other directors held a board of directors chairman will recall; subsequently, chairman of the board of directors and shareholders will be held, free to own, together with the 5 board of directors another point to our own, and other 4 directors…… 19 this month, Liu Shidong, Ge Yikun, Wu Ying Sharma and other 3 directors sit on the plaintiff to the court of Ebian, the opposite is the Sichuan River Forest Industrial Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lin River company) chairman Yu Lin’s agent. This is the two times in court. From the beginning of the development of township enterprises become a private enterprise, Lin River company assets from about 2000000 Yuanzhuang to 830 million yuan now, with many rings. Under the star enterprise aura, a protracted equity dispute was simmering…… Chengdu Daily reporter Gu Aigang A a gorgeous township enterprises in September 20th, Ebian Yi Autonomous County Lin Zhen Ma Liu Cun, an installed capacity of 2500 kilowatts of power plant Maliu is running, the annual generating capacity of 2000 million kilowatt hours. 30 years ago, at the beginning of the construction of the power plant. At that time, Yu Lin is the director, deputy director Liu Shidong Sharma, Wu Ying is the Secretary of the Party branch, GE Yikun is the financial personnel in the factory and 69 employees. April 1997, Ma Liu power plant was converted into Sichuan Ebian Lin River Power Co., Ltd., the county became the first township enterprises to eat crab. In 2002, the company to increase their investment, the registered capital increased from 2 million 720 thousand yuan to 10 million. 2003, the company applied to set up a group of companies. According to its official website, the company has developed into a group of private industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower, mining and trade in one of the total assets of 830 million yuan, annual output value of 400 million yuan, annual profits of 150 million yuan, 6 subsidiaries. The company has been awarded the title of advanced management units in china. B two mutual recall meeting in March 15th this year, Lin River company issued a notice that, according to the board of directors of the company will be the spirit of resolution on the afternoon of March 30th 14:00 at the company headquarters in Ebian, Leshan office and other places to take the form of television and telephone conference to convene the shareholders’ meeting. Liu Shidong, who saw the shareholders meeting will be held in addition to modifying the articles of association, the board of directors, the board of supervisors will be elected. He (Yu Lin) long term does not perform the duties of the chairman, the board of directors and shareholders will not be held in accordance with the procedure, but now the convening of the meeting without the convening of the board of directors." Liu Shidong and other 3 directors learned the news, the upcoming general election, they will be removed from the board of directors and supervisors, simply start first for the strong. In March 21st, Liu Shidong, Ge Yikun, Wu Ying Sharma and other 3 directors elected Liu Shidong to convene and preside over the board of directors, and to send notice of Yu Lin said, the company management, it is necessary to convene the board of directors. Time is 2 p.m. on March 22nd. 4 Dong to the fact that the 3 person, the chairman Lin Yu absent, the board of directors as usual. The meeting formed a resolution: recall Yu Wen相关的主题文章: