Shun Silver Gold analysis of 10.10 crude oil asphalt spot silver operational recommendations and nat aptana studio

Shun Silver Gold: analysis of 10.10 crude oil asphalt spot silver operational recommendations and natural gas prices, a week of new Sina New Taiwan Meteorological fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Say goodbye to the weekend, the red Monday, I have nothing to give you this week. I will interpret the most perfect news to you, weaving the most beautiful and most sincere wishes to you, I wish you a happy new year in the new investors, financial resources into the broader, and then a happy greeting, good morning. News on Monday (October 10th) second U.S. presidential debate. Who will win the white hot election situation is critical. On the other hand for the next Thursday (October 13th) at two o’clock in the morning will be announced in the Fed’s monetary policy meeting minutes in September, investors can give due attention, but can not hope to get too much information. This week the gold and silver market really need to be vigilant, is Friday (October 14th) 20:30 Yellen speech. Speaking of a meeting of the Fed chairman Yellen will be held in Boston in the attitude of Rosengren Yellen in November of no great importance, but the meeting is approaching, September U.S. payrolls data point to the complex situation, what is the latest idea will directly affect investors in November and December is expected to raise interest rates. Turkey will be held on October 9-13 days held in Istanbul Energy Forum, a member of OPEC, Russian President Putin and Novak will attend the forum, but OPEC Secretary General Barkin and Novak are planning meetings next week in the energy meetings and discussions. In addition, Iran oil will not go to Istanbul next week to attend the meeting. The agreement with more recent days, oil prices gradually warmer, U.S. crude oil production there are signs of recovery, especially as a hotbed of the Permian Basin area real estate industry. Details of guidance letter: analysis of crude oil on Wei rising in the occasion of Sydj0011 OPEC is expected to cut crude oil prices, Russia denies next week signed an agreement with OPEC energy conference held in Turkey, the market for poured cold water, crude oil prices briefly fell below $50 mark. Friday received Yinxian taking overnight gains, K line running on the band below the Bollinger Bands opening up MA5, on average, MA10 day moving average MACD running up to MA5, average run to the 49.3 line support, the average system still was long, the MACD index of the 0 axis line to run MACD red energy column, sustained heavy volume, index of strong, but RSI and Stochastics high hook head down, the short term, prices have callback needs, concern below the $48.5 support line; crude oil operation suggestions: 1, 49.40-49.50 long, stop 0.4, near the target 50.10; 2, that near the 50.30 short, stop 0.4. 48.40-48.50; 2, the radical may be 49.50-49.60 short, stop on相关的主题文章: