Shrinking stock index closed at 3004.7 points at the beginning of the year after the low turnover hi rainlendar

Shrinking stock index closed at 3004.7 points at the beginning of the fuse after low turnover hit Phoenix Financial News in September 30th, as at the closing, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3004.7 points, up 0.21%, turnover of 112 billion 790 million yuan. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10567.58 points, up 0.53%, turnover of 185 billion 920 million yuan. Gem closed at 2149.9 points, up 0.17%, turnover of $48 billion 10 million. Figure: hot plate stock equity transfer is still the core of the market, strong Lutianhua triple plate, limit the impact of multi strand, Ho matter shares, yinglite strong limit, Dalian friendship, yingetouzi, city of Victoria, Yongan, Hechi biological pharmaceutical chemical industry, science and technology, Kang Yue wuchangyu, Yinge investment have soared today; the reform of state-owned enterprises is also strong, China the strong seal plate, Sichuan Meifeng once seal plate; the losers, time shares, shipping, banking plate sales.   gainers plate: [news] safe: 6 at the end of Chinese banking external financial assets of $777 billion 900 million at the end of 2016 6, China bank foreign liabilities of $917 billion 900 million, net foreign liabilities of $140 billion. Ministry of Finance: 1-8 month total profits of state-owned enterprises fell 1.3%1-8 months total profit of 1 trillion and 541 billion 820 million yuan of state-owned enterprises, down by 1.3%. 1-8 months of state-owned and state holding enterprises operating income of 28 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 0.2%. Jiangsu recently held a real estate forum to curb housing prices in Jiangsu on the 28 day held a real estate forum, governor Shi Taifeng pointed out that the meeting, the city government should assume the main responsibility to curb housing prices attitude must be resolutely, the flag must be bright, measures must be solid. Prices rise too fast, we must adhere to the treatment of both the symptoms, both to introduce acute measures, but also to study the long-term program, from the two aspects of supply and demand precise regulation. Private equity fund Phi Phi backup system on October 10th on-line CSI 29 announcement, since October 10th private equity fund information disclosure system will be officially run. The quarterly report of the private equity fund shall be completed within 10 working days from the end of each quarter, and the annual report shall be completed within 4 months from the end of each year. Only the private equity fund management scale amounted to 50 million yuan (including 50 million yuan), should also be continued within 5 working days to submit the monthly report at the end of the month the day. [view] body flush with that afternoon hot market is still relatively concentrated, the flow of funds actively equity transfer of shares, then more stocks limit the impact plate, or list from the point of view, whether it is a uniform transfer of shares today natural trading stocks or gainers concept. In the overall market downturn, the equity transfer plate become Ruoshi unique scenery. However, due to the lack of market funds face, after the index was unable to take up high, do more or short power is not very enough. The holiday market will usher in the market, investors should be concerned about the changes in volume. Jufeng investment adviser believes that 3000 points below how funds to support the yongcu, bull fighting also shows the downside;相关的主题文章: