Shenyang this noodle shop without a noodle revolution to the kitchen! – Sohu to eat and drink synnex

Shenyang this noodle shop without a "noodle revolution to the kitchen"! – Sohu to eat and drink "feed! But zero? " "noodle plane do not cook, also a delicious! This is the hell! They’re still plotting a noodle revolution. You slip children, quick to see!" "Le." The message, we came to the shop to heaven. It’s normal for a noodle shop. Look at the door, the layout is quite generous chic. Wow, there are "multimedia curtain"! You can watch TV, hurry to sit in the past, I want to see our home Yang Yang! Ah! Ah! Look at you like that, don’t look at it, go to order! Gold 32 pork noodles $22 $22 small bowl signs the meat bowl of chicken noodles with $13 bowl of rice Kung Pao Chicken $13 $5 a bowl of various dish I want that "no cook noodles". We’re all here. I drop OMG, that will be the sign of small meat! It’s only a few minutes before the plane comes up. This, this this, do not cook to do, can you eat? I try it first, it is not good to cut you! I le a go, this is a good way, ah, chewing up so much! Unlike some face withered bar. Have some more soup, taste very strong. To export meat, ah, oh well! Pure meat, chewing the meat is very delicate, but also with sesame. Side of the side of the very delicate look. Tremella slices of sweet and sour, with eat very refreshing. Not enough to go to the hot point of pickle. I have a bite, Elmar, that had rubbed with hot and sour mouth, throat go down, nose are spicy smoked hemp! Afraid of spicy cautious! Eat this bowl of noodles do not cook, but I think it is delicious, a little doubt that my brain can not help. In order to find out the truth and prove that I am not stupid, I found the store manager. Is a beautiful sister. Don’t make anthomaniac, ask questions! It’s a, finally know: This is all done by ah, the big kitchen "central factory" unified distribution to the. When it comes to this small series also curious, and the "central factory" is what Dongdong? Come on, directly above the thing. In order to ensure the taste of no deviation, streamlining staff to better serve customers. Directly from the factory processing noodles, ingredients package, and then the company to the store distribution. And they are very proud of the distribution team: This is also a face to enjoy such a senior distribution, feel that they earned. Although Xiao Bian understand this noodles origin, but in order to protect our group chowhound personal safety, must make it a bright sequence of events. Hungry goods! Is not the same as Xiao Bian and three questions? Can the factory food safety process be guaranteed? Processing of raw materials green? The things that have to be sent from the processing of it, health assurance? Don’t worry, small make up for you. Central factory factory has been taken相关的主题文章: