Shenyang Mantang river ecological landscape corridor open landscape has been included in Shenhe

Shenyang Mantang river ecological landscape corridor open landscape has been included in Shenhe District of Shenyang Mantang river ecological landscape corridor renovation completed and officially open to the public. The administrative area of Shenyang city in 2010 after adjustment, Kim street and Mantang river area included in Shenhe district. The area is adjacent to urban and rural areas in the handover, traffic inconvenience, in shantytowns and processing workshop workshop, sewage and household garbage straight row of Mantang River, and the surrounding environment of the city has a relatively mature gap is very big. In order to improve the living environment of the surrounding residents, Shenhe District invested 13 million 730 thousand yuan to begin remediation Mantang River including mud cleaning, garbage, sewage interception pipeline, Mantang River (Shen Heduan) all along the river sewage straight row of all included in the municipal sewage pipeline, improve water quality and environment on both sides of Mantang river. At the same time start Mantang River (Ma Guan Qiao to ancient plot) on both sides of the landscape transformation. The transformation range west of Ma song Road, east of the Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity botanical garden, north to the ancient bridge, South Ma Guan Qiao, an area of nearly 140 thousand square meters; planting mountain cherry, crabapple, apricot, North Liaoning Beijing Peach, apricot, yuyemei, lilac trees more than 600 trees; 4980 square meters of new continuous leisure walking down the road and 1229 square meters square. According to the latest plan, Mantang River region will be built in ecological experience, leisure as one of the ecological landscape corridor, with rain and flood storage, water purification function. It is worth mentioning that the cherry island will be stunning debut next spring. Relevant person in charge of Shenhe District, in the construction process of Mantang River practice advanced "sponge city concept", improve water efficiency through the new green grass ditch, rain garden, two square construction adopts permeable material pavement, not only to meet the use function of the square, also can ensure the effective permeability of rainwater retention. Next year, Shenhe district started Mantang River rectification of the two phase of the project, the ecological landscape leisure corridor will also be North and south is expected to be achieved within 3 years from the north to South Sanhuan muddy estuary line ecological landscape corridor. Shenhe City Construction Bureau of urban construction bureau chief Ju Guoxin introduction: "the two phase of renovation will also be in the ecological corridor is paved with permeable brick and water trails, rainwater can seep into the ground, and then in the construction of underground reservoir, the water will be collected and used for greening irrigation during summer drought." The future will continue to lay off the sewage pipeline in the East Bank of the river, completely blocking all the sewage outfall.相关的主题文章: